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LFM: Massively Overpowered is hiring columnists and freelancers

Massively OP has a crack news team and clever columnists, but our team has always been wee and can't possibly cover the whole genre given how big it's grown lately. Let's fix that! As we've been teasing since the holidays, we're going on the hunt for some MMO specialists to join our FF14 Gil crew and pump out solid content for our readers, especially in areas where we're lacking. Here's exactly what we're looking for: A biweekly Elder Scrolls Online columnist (you will be alternating with Larry in Tamriel Infinium);

A biweekly or monthly Black Desert columnist (you will be resurrecting our old Desert Nomad column);A biweekly columnist specializing in a broad spectrum of live and upcoming PvP-centric MMORPGs (like Crowfall, Ashes of Creation, Camelot Unchained, and Star Citizen but excepting EVE), potentially expanding to cover PvP in other MMO titles;A reliable freelancer who specializes in not-so-massive multiplayer titles (online shooters, OARPGs, battle royale titles, and to a lesser extent MOBAs, including Final Fantasy XIV Gil Fortnite, Apex Legends, Anthem, Destiny, and Diablo, but excepting Warframe and Path of Exile) and can be called on to write occasional features on titles in that area for an MMO-centered audience;A reliable freelancer who specializes in mobile MMOs and can be called on to write occasional features on new titles in that area in our Massively on the Go column (alongside Andrew);A reliable freelancer who specializes in previewing obscure MMOs and multiplayer titles that nobody else is paying any attention to and can be called on to write occasional features on titles in that area.

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