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Let's Zig Zag Download For Pc [pack]

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About This Game

While playing "Let's zig zag" you will experience a funny and very challeging gameplay.
Let's zig zag has an infinite and fully random gameplay, while it has hours and hours of funny gameplay.
In Let's zig zag you can control the direction in which the ball moves, if you press space, the ball will change the direction. The objetive is getting the furthest with the ball and getting as much points as you can.
Falling down with the ball makes you lose the actual game, and need to start a new one.

What to expect:

-Nice graphical aspect during gameplay, with a "day and night cicle"

-Fully random generated levels, making them very challenging.

How to play:

-SPACE to change the direction. 7aa9394dea

Title: Let's zig zag
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Dexion Games
Dexion Games
Release Date: 3 Feb, 2018


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