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Original Title: Lal Salaam

Genge: Musical,Action,Drama,War





































This film is mainly based on various true incidents relating to tribles, their culture and their lifestyle. The main characters are Dr. Kanna (Sharad Kapoor), his fiancée Rupi (Ms. Nandita Das), Rajayya (Makrand Deshpande) as Naxalite Commander, Inspector Despande (Sayaji Shinde), Ghisu (Vijay Raj) and Dattu (Rajpal Yadav). Also, introducing Hemangini as Mainee. Dr. Kanna & Rupi are childhood lovers and made for each other. Kanna is intelligent and presently doing final year MBBS in Nagpur. Everybody is proud of him. The first trible Indian to achieve such status. Rupi is typical aggressive trible girl, wildcat like manners and irrespective of free trible culture where sex before marriage is treated as part of education, nobody proposes to her knowing her love and devotion to Kanna. Kannas brother Ghisu is one aggressive and hot-tempered with who is illiterate and is slowly getting attracted towards Naxalites. Kanna does not like this. Kanna goes back to city to complete his final year but not before warning his loved ones that Naxalisam is not good for them. Due to Rangers atrocities and high handedness, Ghisu becomes a Naxalite. Rupi who is totally devoted to Kanna does try to convince Ghisu. Ghisu firm on his views. Ranger and Inspector Shinde are desperately searching Ghisu. In the process they have tortured villagers and something dreadful happens and Rupi disappears. When Kanna comes back from Nagpur both the persons he loved the most Rupi and Ghisu are not there for him. He is under the impression that Rupi is dead. He makes all efforts to bring Ghisu back but does not succeed. Actually Rupi is not dead. She has also become a Naxalite. She knows that Kanna is back but now she does not want to go back to him. Naxalites are becoming more and more popular among tribles because of their capacity to give instant justice and more and more youths are joining them. Ghisu and Rupi are now promoted as commanders of their new Dalam. On the other hand, Govt. has taken serious note of the situation and special task force is sent to the jungle to deal with Naxal problem. War between Kanna's non-violence and Rajayya violence begins. Both, Ghisu and Rupi are in a situation; where on one side is their love for Kanna and on the other side is the conviction to fight for justice.
Bureacracy, red tape, and corruption has become part of life in India, especially in Nagpur. Unable to pay bribes, some young people resort to violence, leading to riots and many deaths. Pressure is put on the police, who aggressively bring in suspects, even people who had nothing to do with the riots, thus angering the community at large even more. Relatives of victims from police brutality, and an unresponsive and unreachable government, creates armed rebels who call themselves Naxalites, and promise to bring upon swift justice to everyone. Living in one such community is Dr. Kanna, who is well educated and opposed to any rebel-like attacks. He loves Rupi, his childhood sweetheart. He has a militant brother, Ghisu. Dr. Kanna leaves this community, to upgrade his studies for several months. When he returns, nothing is the same anymore. His community lives in fear of both the police and the naxalites; his brother has now joined the naxalites, and his sweetheart is missing.
It is interesting that in 2002, Nandita made two movies where her character joins a rebel group. The other is Mani Ratnam's Kannathil Muthamittal where she joins the Tamil rebellion (mostly to find her husband who has disappeared). I wondered how this coincidence could have happened. Anyway, I almost totally agree with the preceding review. But until I live somewhere, I'm not going to be so bold as to infer that the movie is overstating the behavior of police or army. After all, India passed a law that exempts police and army from normal restraints when fighting in a zone of active rebellion. I think it would be absurd to guess that they behaved perfectly. Look at every other war. Looked at Wounded Knee in America. This is what soldiers do when fighting against rebels. Never seems to occur to them that justice is the best medicine against rebellions. So I wholeheartedly endorse this movie.


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