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About This Game

When your world is invaded by mysterious creatures, the very survival of humanity is at stake. Some believe these creatures are gods, descending down on the earth to punish humanity for its cruel and wicked ways. Others believe them to be malevolent invaders from beyond the stars. It's up to you to discover the truth behind these creatures' origins and save humanity from their wrath.

It's widely believed that the secret to defeating these monsters lies in temples that appeared, scattered throughout the world, 50 years prior. Journeying to these temples, across the harsh, hostile landscape will require intense skill, cunning, and might. Unearthing the secrets inside will be a challenge akin to the most hardcore JRPG's of the 16 bit eras.

Can you harness the power to defeat the gods? Labyronia is an epic adventure that will stick with you forever.

Key features -

-Partly non-linear progression in a large and original world.
-The Cue system encourages exploration. Find abnormalities to obtain skills, and challenge yourself to collect all the Cues!
-Strategic Boss battles, and smooth combat system with Yanfly's battle engine.
-Random battles are limited to the world map (and even there it's possible to avoid them usually.) Otherwise, all enemies are visible.
-Clean, colorful visuals and a bunch of fresh-looking monsters.
-Experience the emotional storyline and challenge the four elemental gods! b4d347fde0

Title: Labyronia RPG
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Epic Quest Games
Release Date: 14 Aug, 2015


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Not recommanded at all.
Really, at the end i think that was a waste of time, mostly because the game is not fun
Too many mechanism are juste here to annoy the player.

Nearly EVERY dungeon is a labyrinth, for the sake of it. EVEN THE TOWNS
No explanation or logic... the game is called labyronia? here you go

several debuff mean instant death if you're unlucky, several debuff do the same thing, monsters difficulty are totally random (some lv 1 monster ? next one is lv 10)

there are so many exemple. At one point you can go left or down, left is a boss fight you get reckt. down let you learn anti fire magic for the boss fight.
Just why? can't the dev think a bit a let you learn the anti magic fire THEN you get the boss fight?

So many game over for some stupid ideas in this game, it's just totally annoying gameplay-wise.
There are some good ideas, but with a story that bad (should i say inexistant) and SO MANY irritating gameplay mechanism, i don't recommande playing this

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