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Kittypocalypse - Ungoggled Download] [Keygen]

Kittypocalypse - Ungoggled Download] [Keygen]

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About This Game

Previously only available for Oculus and Vive VR goggles - now you can experience the carnage without owning VR goggles!

Evil alien beings dressed up as cuddly kittens have successfully taken over your planet and all that you know and love. Prepare to repel wave after wave of dastardly cute but deadly kittens on 16 beautiful and diverse islands. Remember: the survival of your home planet lies in your hands!

Prevent evil alien kittens from taking over your floating islands homes by defending the control points.

Build weapons and upgrade them to adjust your defenses to the incoming hordes.

Beware! The kittens will armor up, to foil your defenses!

•16 fantastically beautiful islands to defend
•Free flowing hordes of enemies
•Campaign mode
•Skirmish mode
•Unlockable weapons and upgrades
•Complex damage model for weapon and kitten armors
•Over 50 weapons upgrades
•Fine-tuned difficulty progression which eases in new players but culminates in the ultimate challenge 7aa9394dea

Title: Kittypocalypse - Ungoggled
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Bolvërk Games
Bolvërk Games
Release Date: 3 Nov, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: i3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any DirectX 11 compatible GFX card
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 8 GB available space


kittypocalypse – ungoggled. kittypocalypse ungoggled

Some Achievements are bugged but the Developers abandoned the game after launch and in it's current state of "rock paper scissors" tower defense the game feels empty and soulless.

Unlocked towers have no effect on replayed missions so the game doesn't ease up no matter how long you play it for and although there are good graphics and super cute kittehs (good for cat people), this game is bad for completionists.

Could've been so much...but wasn't.

2\/10 - Abandoned by the developer. A tower defense game with cute but evil cats.
The cats can attack you from multiple points and the have different 'skills'. So you will have to plan forward and choose the right defenses to win every round.
A bit expensive but worth it. Definitely if it's on sale.. Fun and sometimes challenging tower defense!. I am a fan of all things Tower Defence, but I just can't get into this game.
Have tried a number of times, but my eyes just start to glaze!!

PS This despite the fact I have seven cats. tl;dr Suprising depth and strategy.. not quite as much tower option as Defense Grid 2, more like DG1 (I have hundred of hours in both of those). It will provide a challenge but nothing that'll make you rage-quit (unless you've already had a bad day at work). Nice point; graphics are clean and has a fun story (the tutorial will train you to kill (alien) kittens lol). So far, even with so little time played, I'm loving it.. and I live for a good TD with actual strategy and polish. 8.5\/10

So the long version of the review. I actually have more time played than what it shows above, as is typical of Steam updating. I've seen a reviewer say the bonus objectives were too hard. Guess what, if it was easy it wouldn't be fun.. and that's why they're freaking Bonus Objectives<\/i>. My 4th try on the 2nd level I hit all bonus objectives and let no kittens past.. it's a challenge, but really, it's not *that* damn hard.
Also, some have said there is no function to speed up the game.. the key bindings show there is one but.. I don't seem to notice it doing much.. I dunno if it's broken, not implemented yet, or if I've had a few too many 'beverages'.

So for the good...
-There actually is more strategy involved than you might think by the cutsey looks and name of the game. Tower choice and upgrades are super important to consider and you may not realize your set-up is off until late into a level.. but that's half the fun.. doing well.. but not purrfect. Try again.
-The game has a 'decent' campaign and a skirmish mode (yeah.. really.. a skirmish mode).
-The graphics are clean and look very good.. surprisingly good! Cutsey though some sections may apppear.. it's actually very well rendered and runs super smooth.
-The controls and not hard to master (it's a TD after all). In fact I've noticed more options and controls than most other TDs (hint, they actually want to you to zoom in.. and check out the detail).
-There's a fairly cute story.. good humor adds to the atmosphere (kittens using cardboard boxes as shields lol).
-This game allows you to examine enemies and it gives you full details including weaknesses, etc. Standard function, but one that many TDs overlook. This one didn't :)
-When you zoom in on the invading lolcats.. the damn things actually meow.. cute kitten meeeoow! Yeah, lol.

And the bad... (warning - I'm grasping at straws and being picky about what are really, truly, very minor flaws).
-You can't speed up the game (that I could find, yet, as noted above perhaps it's in-progress). For the moment, the mission bonus objective for level 2 calls for you not to spend over $10k.. which you do by wave 12... now you sit and watch 8 waves.. may as well grab a beer and spend some 'quality time' with the wife while the level finishes. It's not a *huge* deal but really... this is a basic TD function and it's just not here. Again, this appears to be in-progress to be added however so.. take this gripe with a grain of salt.
- You can release the next wave early.. but.. there's no motivation to do so.. it doesn't appear to impact your score or income so... why even have it?
-The story is comical and fun but.. I have yet to understand why the kittens want to get into a central pod, or what it does. Again, not a big deal.. but really.. what's in this pod.. a big ball of yarn? A laser pointer? What?
-The amount of content is not bad but.. it's not amazing either. It's fine, really, it could be slightly more though.. DLC should fix that. Yeah I'm actually complaining that the content is only 'reasonable for the asking price' lol. It's the replayability<\/i> side of the content that I have concerns about...
-The only other gripe I have with the game is minor and silly... you can zoom waaaay out.. but there's nothing almost outside of your maze to see. I mean like, literally.. you can zoom out to a huge planet-like scale and typically just see.... nothing.. it's as if the devs left a blank cloud in the background and said "Fahk it, good enuff!' It kind of kills the immserion a little. But only a little.

All in all, it offers more strategy than the cutsey name and art implies. It has great polish and very minor picking points about it. I've put in hundreds of hours in Defense Grid 1 & 2 and I don't see this being too much different if they add DLC and other game modes. Definitely an 8.5\/10 if not more.. A great game that's even better when you catch it on sale.
(Edits.. I cannot spell apparently.)

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