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About This Game

Kart Racing Pro is a realistic karting simulator.
The aim is to create a software useful as a training tool for real drivers, based on a scratch built physics engine tha 5d3b920ae0

Title: Kart Racing Pro
Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports
Release Date: 14 Jul, 2017


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any1 with t500rs problems ? my steering wheel dose not work. 1st. This is a SIM. please understand this before purchase! (not an arcade racer at all) It requires setting up controls to your liking and also learning a bit about Karts to really enjoy! VR is very well done on the Vive!! (I see some are experiencing a few bugs but dev is aware. I have no issues while in the kart VR so far) PROS: *Kart physics *Ghost racing (trainer) *Replay camera (super good! Can make epic vids with slow motion and FOV) *Very Moddable (Community can make inifinte tracks/karts and whatever else you can think of) *VR - enough said *Graphics (this is debatable but once you see the replay camera in action, its a beauty. and also user content) *Push starting a kart. woot! CONS: *Learning curve (only a con for non Kart/sim fans, some learning to do boys) *graphics and sound is not a real con, bc Piboso focuses on realism. The community tracks in other games he has can be amazingly beautiful based on the creators skill) *hmm, can't find the "reset" button to respawn on track but I am sure that's my fault. *online or ghost only (no a.i.) Great sim!!. Love it! Great in VR, wheel works great. Definitely happy. Hoping to get mods from workshop in the future. Looking forward to racing in it with my friends again.. This is not only the best Kart Racing sim but for me the most realistic feeling racing sim out there. Very well done. (you don't feel like you're struggling in a physics lesson on ice like many of the best selling sims where you need to put in too many frustrating hours until they become fun) This sim is immediately exhilarating and feels real the moment you put your foot down. If you've driven Karts before you get a good sense of feeling the limits and every lap can be rewarding from the moment you play. When you come off the throttle or hard accelerate through corners there is some weighty feel to the Karts and the force feedback has been done well without being overwhelming like others. The karts just feel right (unlike the Karts in Automobilista where I felt like you're on a bed of springs under power and braking and then a Jet Ski on water when lifting off, horrible in comparison) For me it's worth every penny as I've always missed Karting from my younger days and have never had enough money to start again. The feeling came straight back. I purchased a T150 wheel and Playseat Challenge on a budget and I'm using an old 720P projector so sacrificing graphic quality for the big screen experience, but I wouldn't have been disappointed if I'd paid for more expensive kit. (To hire a 2-stroke Kart you're looking at u00a3100-200 euros per hour) Unfortunately there is no AI to race (yet?) there are some online servers where you need to be lucky to find others at the same time. It does have your fastest laps in a Ghost Kart which is an excellent trainer and you will keep improving. If you're serious about wanting to experience the buzz of 2-stroke Karting (where F1 drivers learnt and still use to train in the winter) then buy this and encourage your friends to get it too. If you go to the developer's forum you can find organised online race events with people who seem friendly and helpful who are racing for the buzz of Karting not their egos. There are also links to download extra tracks like Kimbolton in the UK where they hold the Super One finals and Formula TKM festival. Having the three Genk Belgium tracks as standard is a great coup as this has been one of the best Karting facilities in Europe. The small Genk hire Kart circuit encourages so much race craft you'll also see seasoned racers there in real life honing their skills (and probably on this software too). My only wish is for the developers to add the slower and heavier Sodi Kart 390cc 4-stroke to help train the rest of the family as even the Mini 2-stroke Karts are manic.. got the htc vive pro but it crashes everytime before i go into a race, REFUND!!!!!. Thrustmaster T150 is not working on this game. Even with the drives installed and everything.:(

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