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Journey Of The Sword Free Download [Patch]

Journey Of The Sword Free Download [Patch]

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About This Game


Embark on a journey in Japan inspired setting. Control Jack, young bodyguard who, together with his master embarks on a mission of escorting the mysterious priestess to complete traditonal ritual of fertility. Their journey is interrupted by suspicious attacks and Jin and his master start suspecting the true nature of their mission. Will they be able to finish their mission and uncover the plotter that want young priestess dead? On their journey they will meet various allies, make new enemies and uncover skeletons from their past.


Journey of the Sword is a JRPG game and will have according elements. Player will be required to explore world map, uncovering various story line and optional areas and meeting various party members. Combat is turn based and player will have to choose a balanced party of four who will have to brave both regular enemies and dangerous "boss" monsters. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Journey of the Sword
Genre: RPG
Cipher Hive
Cipher Hive
Release Date: 31 Jan, 2019


it loooked good at first glance but due to a bug and getting stuck in a loop withinh the first 3 mins of the game i can sadly not recomend this game. when\/if they fix it i will come back and hopefully leave a more positive review

Bug reports and fixes and new content:
Dear fans,

We've received a number of reports concerning bugs (especially concerning are reports of some early game critical ones).
Because we wanted to publish the game in promised time some mistakes were made.

Rest assured that all bugs will be dealt with and complete version will be online on February 5th (hotfixes will be online earlier) with additional boss rush arena (which was planned as surprise next week).

We'll talk more about boss rush arena when it comes online.

We would also like to invite all of our fans to add us directly on Steam as friends if they have any complaints and/or suggestions.

Best regards, expect to hear from us soon!

Team Cipher Hive

(Excuse my bad grammar, I've written this on wooden tablet because I wanted to address this issue as soon as possible)

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