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Brian Premo, and I, are very excited to bring you our subscription program!
We know there might be glitches, so please feel free to contact us with suggestions, if you have them:)
How does it work? Purchase anything (single, sticker, CD) online, or at a live show, and you will also be given a link to a secret subscription page.
There will be behind the scenes videos, us traveling to shows (similar to the video), demos of never before heard material, pictures, and anything else we think might be entertaining.
Purchasing anything from us is no longer only just that thing, it's also a subscription to things that most other people will never see, or hear:)
If you purchase something from us, at a live show, we'll give you the link there. If you purchase something online we'll email you the link!
We understand that most people can't travel with us, or see shows out of town, but we want you to be in our "inner circle", so we're looking forward to sharing things with you that we don't share with a lot of people!
This is a yearly subscription, but since we're already part way into 2018, 2019, will also be included:)
We appreciate your support, and we hope this will be of interest to you:)
In the video, we reference Paulie's Pretzels, u can c our review of it at:
My music can be found at: & Brian Premo's music can be found at:

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