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It's an indication of strength in the account

Pures are the next, and this makes no sense. Pures weren't destroyed because of the scale system for combat, but because the hitpoint boosting armor they were wearing was not accessible to OSRS gold them. This will make combat that is maxed out more attractive. It is true, however combat levels are not intended to indicate how hard someone worked on their account.

It's an indication of strength in the account. The 138 system won't be able to perform as well under the new combat system, as it was in the past. This is probably why "It Doesn't Scale Players Well" isn't a feature on RSOF, where players can discuss any aspect of the 138 calculation.

Not only is the 200 formula scale a good fit for players and easy to calculate. To determine your level of combat, for example you must gain another defense level. You can also check the stats of another player by looking at their level of combat.

When you consider all of this, it is difficult to buy RS gold say that the calculation for combat 138 is better than the 200 calculations. This is particularly relevant for the present EOC system.

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