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Interstellar Rift Crack Full Version Download

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About This Game

Interstellar Rift is an open world Starship Simulator with an emphasis on ship construction and multi-player interaction. Players can explore and conquer the galaxy with their own custom designed and constructed starship. Space is vast, but you wont have to face it alone, other players will be able to join your crew, and help out, or build their own rival fleet and fight you across the galaxy.

Prepare to make these custom build space ships your home when exploring the galaxy! Use the ship editor to design a ship to your liking, from small exploratory vessels to large cargo haulers, or even enormous battleships. With the editor you build your ship deck by deck, inside and outside. If you'd rather get going immediately you can always browse the workshop for ships that other players made, or you can upload your own blueprints.

The galaxy can be a dangerous place, even when playing solo. Strange rifts have opened up, unleashing a hostile race of alien creatures called the Skrill. If left unchecked, they will take over solar systems wreaking havoc on your enterprising. You can fight them alone, or call in the help of your friends, and man a ship together. But not all pilots will fight for a good cause, pirates and opposing fleets can come after you and your cargo at any time. Fight them ship versus ship, or hack your way aboard their vessels and bring the fight to them, in close quarters shootouts.

The economy of Interstellar Rift runs on the resources that can be gathered out in the galaxy. Vast asteroid belts circle planets and solar systems, filled with precious ores and minerals. Start up your resource extractors, or send out a wave of mining drones to do the hard labour for you. Visit the stores of LogiCorp and Galactic Trade, or drive a hard bargain with stranded pilots as you delive them fuel. Automate production lines with the ACTR (automated cargo transfer relay), and set up your own store to trade with other players, or any trade drones that might be nearby.

After choosing a faction to ally with, the galaxy is open for you to explore. Use rift generators to open up spatial rifts that transport you to new systems, exploring a system will help you map out the galaxy, and pinpoint the location of systems with special resources you might need. Construct new trade posts for the companies and factions that want to expand their influence, and help them set up secure stations and sectors. Take on missions for U-nits, or find good deals across multiple systems to make a profit from. d859598525

Title: Interstellar Rift
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Split Polygon
Split Polygon
Release Date: 23 Jun, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core 2GHz
  • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: OpenGL 3.3 or higher required


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Tanya's recipe for a great space game:

Start with a Pulsar: Lost Colony base. Remove all space fungus then stir in 2 tablespoons of mining and 1 cup of crafting with optional boresight and turreted ship combat to preference. Pour into a voxel building system.

In a seperate bowl, mix equal parts Sims 2 house building and Space Engineers modular ship systems. Keen Software :salt: may be added to suit your taste.

Sprinkle the sims/engineer mix onto the Pulsar base then cook on 2 updates per month for 6 months.

Chill and serve, makes 1,000,000 servings.

10/10 would bake again.. Update JUL 2017:

Much has changed since this review was first posted. There's a lot of new content, more than enough to justify the price tag in my opinion. Here's a short list.

  • Enormous playing areas, an entire galaxy!
  • First person tools (and a weapon)
  • Harder and more diverse AI controlled enemies
  • More diverse missions
  • Automation! Woo!

I just keep coming back to this game.

This is the upteenth time I've revisited it, and each time it gets better. There's a good amount of toys, things to play with, and sooo much more stuff to look forward to. Not only am I happy with how the game is now, but I'm also very excited about what's coming in the future.

Yes, there will be bugs. Yes, you will lose ships. But you will more than likely have a lot of fun along the way.

P.S: Play PvP. You'll only get bored on a PvE server!

Original review below:

MAY 2016:


TLDR : An excellent game, every update has very few (if any) bugs, with developers that respond to community requests. Definitely worth the low price.

Key Points:
  • Polished and tested updates every two weeks. The bugs that do make it in are minor and quickly fixed.
  • Responsive to community feedback and requests.
  • One man cannot rule them all. Bigger ships require/benefit from additional (player) crew. You can do it alone, but it's tough.
  • Walk around inside ships. interact with different items, while someone's piloting. You don't get thrown around \o/
  • Probably the nicest in-game interfaces for interacting with items you've ever used.
  • You don't build ships while playing. You do it in an editor, and build the ship whole.
  • Very impressive interiors, overall visuals are outstanding.
  • Much more detailed and technical ship construction, including grouping items onto different power grids, weapon groups into ammunition loaders, etc.

What's the down side?
  • Content is a little limited at the time of writing. This is set to change, with small updates every fortnight.
  • Low player numbers, probably due to the above. If you're content with Single Player, this won't be a problem for you!

Interstellar Rift is a little gem that has been sitting in my steam library for quite some time. It's one of those games that you pop back to every now and then just to see how it's coming along. Every so often there's a good update that gets me back into it for a while, which is exactly how I got started with Space Engineers.

At the moment Interstellar Rift appears to be in an awkward phase. Some people want to buy it but haven't because they're waiting to see what happens, and others have it but don't play online because nobody else is playing it online right now (!). There's no denying that it's a good game - the basics are all there, what I think a lot of people are waiting for is a big feature or update to come out that really offers something new and interesting to play with. It doesn't take long to get through the content that's offered already, which itself is worth the low price tag. But the combat is somewhat limited at the moment, and the number of toys to tinker with could use expanding. Some of this is in progress or planned already.

With first person combat (planned), ship boarding (planned), resource scarcity (planned), official servers (currently a test server), a bunch of new toys and gameplay mechanics (planned), this will be a hit.

With two updates/month though, don't expect all this tomorrow; But at least you won't be eternally tripping over bugs and crashes when this stuff arrives (I'm looking at YOU, Space Engineers!).. This game ambitiously combines aspects from many of my favorite space games including: Space Engineers, Faster Than Light, Rodina, and Star Conflict. But don't compare Interstellar Rift to these large titles just yet, because this game still has a long way to go. I am still, however, optimistic of what this game might it has alot of potential to challenge it's predisesors. This will only be possible through constant development, updates, comunity support, and input. Here is a list of pros and cons on the initial launch date:


^^^^^ Please read above first! ^^^^^
-Beautyful Ship interior
-High level of detail inside
-Command consoles and Gui's make it feel like you are accually in the future
-Ship editor is laid out well
-Ship design is alot easier than Space Engineers
-Gameplay provides alot of future potential
-Game contains alot of potential to be the next big space game!

-Ship editor is confusing and makes it hard to place some objects / systems
-Exterior ship hull severely needs work as it feels like a voxel game instead of the ideal realism
-Confusing systems onbord the ships
-Ship control needs refinement
-Tutorials needed!

This game truely 'shoots for the stars' and could very well be the next big space game ONLY if it is maintained, updated, and improved on a constant basis ("every two weeks" ~keep to your word) with help from the dev. team and the playing comunity. This game is definitely worth checking out and supporting if you have ever wanted a truly wonderful space game experience.

I can't wait!

~Captain 06/23/2015. This game is currently in pretty early development and a lot of features aren't implemented yet.

That being said, what is there is really solid. Ship and station interiors look fantastic. The ship editor is logial and easy to use.

The computer interfaces are fantastic.

I have very high hopes for this game.. Early Access Review: 22.3 hrs on record (more hours if I count playing the demo/alpha from the Split Polygon's site).

This is one of THE most enjoyable games I have. Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW:

1. You can design and NAME your OWN ship. You lay out your ships in cubed blocks. You can have multiple levels and multiple rooms on each level.

You have to add a power source. I like to use a combination of hydrogen generators and solar panels. You have to add power storage. I like to use a combination of hydrogen tanks and back-up batteries.

You add doors, lights, a helm/bridge. gun turrets (limited and not working yet, but on the roadmap). You add stairs and elevators, windows and walkways.

You have to add a teleporter. You have to add life-support (an oxygen processor, and then ventilation in all rooms).

You add furniture, storage cabinets, computer terminals and quite a lot more.

2. Then you build your ship. To build your ship, you need multiple resources. To be those resources, you have to use an "extractor" to capture asteroids and mine them for iron, copper, water (which can be refined into hydrogen and oxygen), and silicon (though I understand that more elements may be on the way).

You then refine the raw resources, add the resources to your "vault" and build a ship. To get silicon, you currently have to build a small ship with its own extractor and go to ANOTHER distant asteroid field, mine it, and return to the station.

3. You then equip your ship. You mine water for oxygen and teleport it to the cargo pads on your ship (where you can grab it, slide it into the oxygen processor on your ship, and load it into the system). You mine water for hydrogen and teleport it right into the hydrogen fuel tanks on your ship.

4. You can then teleport to your ship. You can walk around. All the doors work. The extractors, refineries, cargo teleporters, cargo pads ... those ALL work. More things I'M SURE will come later. Just walking around, in first person view, in a ship I created, is a real joy.

5. You can FLY your ship. The bigger the ship, the more engines you need. My ships don't turn very well. Not sure why. But it's a joy to set course and fly.

Just messing around with the editor is hours of fun, but having adventures in space, playing as captain of my own ship, BEING my own Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds in a ship I designed and named ... awesome.

I can't WAIT to see what this game will become. What it lacks in "flash", it MORE than makes up for in gameplay.. NOTE: This is an early release game, so my review may change in times to come. But it's been in early release for a while now, so draw your own conclusions.

Let me start by saying that IR is fun & somewhat addictive. It has some neat ideas built into it - like the idea of using teleportation to justify location changes, and cuts back on lag by making the interior of your ship reside in a whole universe that is separate from the exterior of your ship. Lots of other cool stuff thrown in there, and a very fun ship construction engine.

But here's the thing: this game is not the sexy space survival fantasy you may be accustomed to. Not everyone in this world is a ship captain. This is true coperative space survival, where it takes a crew of to maintain & operate a vessel. So one of you gets to be the captain, while the rest of you get to move boxes around & turn wrenches. There's an old saying: If you're not the lead dog in the sled team, the scenery never changes. I've never seen that analogy brought to life so vividly as has been done in this game.. Have you ever played a Sci-Fi Space Exploration game like EVE Online, and said to yourself, "Man, I wish I could build my OWN ship and fly among the stars with my friends."? Then Interstellar Rift is a wonderful choice for you. You have almost unlimited possibilities in the way you create your ship. Massive amounts of exterior blocks, different choices of cockpits, Color Schemes, and even different machines and stations to add to your ship to make it usable for different things.

Interstellar Rift is more than just massive, flashy ships however. It is also about making money and becoming the ultimate space businessman. From what I have encountered and seen from other gameplay, you can be a miner and scour the galaxy for the most sought after elements, and materials. You could be a manufacturer, and produce supplies to sell to other factions for immense profits. You can fight other ships in chaotic PvP or PvE battles. You can conduct missions for your faction, and make massive amounts of profit by running cargo, scouting systems, or eradicating aliens. You can even become the ultimate pirate, and raid stations for all of their loot and materials.

This game is wonderful because you don't need a super hi-tech $2000 Desktop with the newest stuff to run this game. You could run it with the bare minimum for gaming, and have a wonderful experience. The greatest thing about this game though, is that its still Early Access. There are still so many things to be added to the game to make it much more interactive with friends.

With all of that, there are still a few flaws that I have found that should be looked at. To begin with, there is no Tutorial for the Ship Design feature. It is fairly complex and will take time to understand and fully grasp. The next issue is random crashing. One personal instance was when I was building my new ship blueprint, The K-3 Devestator (Which Will be uploaded to the Workshop when complete). I was still in the early stage of building the bottom deck, placing catwalks and walls to make it look nice. When suddenly, the game shuts down, and all my progress up to that point was lost. It has happened once since then, and I'm on my 3rd level on the interior. If this is a bug this could use some looking into. Finally, is the lack of diversity in faction missions, and multiplayer interactivity. This game is all about teamwork, as you need a crew to run the much larger ships, and you will want other people piloting to protect you. When you run missions there are only a few templates. Cargo Delivery, Eviction Notice, Scout, and Basic Mining/Manufacturing. Although they incentivize teamwork between crew and fleet members, they don't really varietize the amount of missions to run, which lowers the overall replay value of faction mission running.

With all of this I would rate the game in it's current phase as 7.25/10. There is still a lot of potential, and if they keep adding new features to entice interactivity, the playerbase will grow and the game will become a gem.. I like space buildy-type games like this. I wanted to like this game too, but I'm having a SUPER hard time doing it. I am not a stranger to games like this, in fact, this genre is sort of my jam. I play(ed) Eve, Space Engineers, Starmade, Avorion, Elite Dangerous, Empyrion and others. This game is tagged as early access, but it's been out for FOUR YEARS!

With my experience with kludgy and cobbled up menus, this game should be nothing new, and it doesn't need to be perfect either. This game is extremely new-player unfriendly. It's got a very abbreviated tutorial that introduces you to a very small amount of the game and most importantly, introduces you to the ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE mouse flight controls. Hyper sensitive flying, regardless of my mouse DPI settings and the control options in the game change exactly ZERO with regards to ship handling, and the flying is very much like Elite Dangerous. For a game about SPACESHIPS the devs have completely dropped the ball on this and they apparently don't give a\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 The only way to slow down the super touchy flight controls is to take most of your thrusters off or offline, and then the ship handles like a rock. FOUR YEARS! I feel like 40% of Grosse Point Blank . . .

There are a TON of machines, consoles and screens and extremely few of them have any kind of labeling or explanation as to what they actually do or are for. Some of the machines can be figured out, but more than half, no clue unless you comb the net for information on how to play the game that the devs haven't bothered to explain or describe. Half the machines on my ship - NO clue what they do or how to use them so if I don't want my money to be wasted on this game, I have to go online and get other players to show me what the devs could have and should have done. IE the BASICS.

There are all kinds of modules and cards and discs and chips - and no explanation. How do I get them? No idea. How do I make them? Well, I click on them IF I can find them, and then it shows me some coloured ingot icons - you guessed it with ZERO explanation or naming on them. How do I use them? No idea. What do you use them FOR? No idea. If the devs actually wrote some instructions like :

"This machine is called "this". It does "this". This is what you need in order to build it."

Instead, we get an encyclopedia that you have to search for items, but if I don't know what the hell it is called or what it does, how do I search for it? There is a tab menu system that you use to access all kinds of information, but you have to hold the alt button every time you have any menu open to free the mouse (or it just pans the whole screen and gives you vertigo).

It's got a ship editor that is not unlike the other games I've mentioned, but you have to be extremely careful you don't inadvertently delete things with accidental right-clicks, because then it's next to impossible to figure out what you deleted and how to get it back. Impossible I say because 1) when you mouse-over some machine\/part it tells you NOTHING about the object - no name, nothing. So then when you manage to find the components in the different build menus that are based on inside, outside or sticking from inside to outside, 2) it gives you the name when you mouse over it (and you don't know by name if that's what you're looking for after you deleted it), but most of the time the menu image doesn't even LOOK like the component after you put it in the ship! Then there's saving the edit, which doesn't mean it will actually take your modifications and put them into the game, THAT is a completely different button that doesn't look like it implements any changes you made, but it does anyway.

My biggest problem is drones randomly attacking me, warp scramming me so I can't get away, and then blowing me up, for no reason and with no warning while I am doing simple delivery missions in the starter system. So, after 35+ hours, after being blown up 3 times, I have no idea why they're doing it, no idea how to forewarn myself and I have less money than when I started. IF this WAS still an alpha, and presumably it's claimed to be in beta now, as an alpha, I could understand why it's so un-fleshed out. I watched the latest live stream (#56 or something) and even the devs had NO CLUE what key strokes did what, what options\/functions worked, what keys did what and where things were located. There are functions and keys that aren't even documented in the Control section of the Options! Supposedly there's some kind of "gripper" so you can open stuck doors. Really?? Supposedly there's a key stroke that allows you to follow other ships. ?? After 50-some-odd TWO HOUR streams, the devs are still doing what I'm doing and driving around mining. Supposedly there's more than that, so HOW TO YOU GET TO MORE CONTENT! DEVS!?!?

. . . and then the multiplayer\/networking. Get about 5 players or more (and sometimes not even 5) and the entire game chugs to the point where you can't even function and then you invariably lose connection or the game crashes.

Anyway, this game COULD be very cool and supposedly you can build stations and get shipping and trading routes, and there's pvp - which I have zero interest in, but there are so many things that are busted and the biggest thing, NO INFORMATION ON HOW TO USE THE GAME, I would say wait. After FOUR YEARS, I would say give it another four years or wait until it is on sale for like 50% off. After the amount I've tried to play the game, I can't get my money back now, so that sucks . . .

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