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Interestingly you can encounter ocean life it is important to go to any Runescape port

The PF2P earns more money but it is more slowly and is the most risky way (shorter of merching) is to mine rune stones. This is very slow and dangerous OSRS Power Leveling. Or, chopping stuff (be that yews, cockroach soldiers). On an hourly basis, someone who is a PF2P will make less money by using the fastest money-making methods than the P2P.

Generally has slower training methods avaliable. I say generally since some players practice at f2p sites such as SoS Red spiders or Cockroach soldiers, which decreases their speed, but places them on the same the level as pf2ps. But, overall, there's a reason why players who are close to 99 head straight for members, because it allows them to get experience at a faster rate than free players.

Because all varibles are equal, it is expected that a pf2p would get a 99 at much less than an individual. But to generalize abilities as identical would be unjust. A person who trains range could achieve an 89 percent faster since there are more possibilities to increase his level quickly. But, when he is training mining he would have a smaller advantage over a pf2p who is at higher levels. This is due to the fact that the two would have to compete with others for ore rocks until rune.

My view is that it's all about the way one views skillcape. This is the same for those who win gold medals in the ParaOlympics. Those who do so must have overcome physical disabilities in order to participate in ParaOlympics. It would be not fair to minimize the significance of the gold medalist buy osrs infernal cape, since he had to compete against other physically healthy athletes in order to earn the medal.

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