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In the Arms of Despir
Author: MSGUIDED.                                                                                                 
I'm in the arms of despair
Don’t worry she'll take good care of me while I'm here 
Water is running hot and coming in fast
This numbness inside of me will soon pass

I'm cradled in her arms on floor
My body spewing her palette of colorless hues
The pied piper is approaching its time to pay my dues
Can you hear him calling as he sings a song of forgotten sorrows
She promises me this is my deliverance for there will be no tomorrow

I pray I'll see the light from heavens gates Im sure it will not come
Ive left so much destruction in my path too much to overcome
You had a life envisioned for me executed to perfection
Weight that I burden  has lead me in a different direction

I'm still alive I feel so dazed and lost does she no longer care
I search my mind I search my body for the arms of despair
Has she given up on me as everyone else has already done
Does she not know how much I adore her ,
Shes defeated me she has already won

It is not I who needs safe jacket from drowning
Stop kicking that door in
I will find my way back here again and again
I know you are confused, scared and unprepared
Don’t worry Im in the arms of despair
She always takes good care of me while I'm here .


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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About this poem:
I witnessed a drug overdose of someone who survived, this is my way of dealing with it trying to view it from their point of view.

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Comment by Bobby Z on December 2, 2010 at 9:34pm
poetry is a good therapy it puts things outside of ourselves that we internalized. buddhism says be empty for the mind does noot really exist it is just projections of the ego.. yes get out the thoughts and the emotions then rember to forget them and dont recreate them. havent been on for a while im livin a very simple life hope your evolving out of the dark cords of tension, insecurity lack of love any negativity all that u look like my ex wife reddish blonde hair and big boobs if that doesnt sound to rude. but im an artist and think its beautiful to worship the amazing goddess body and nothing dirty about it . when i was 15 and raging with hormones i didnt care about sensitivity but ive woken up a lot since then so im not bein a pig or any thing im 45 and dont chase after sex and sadly none for 5 yrs cos im not meetin the right people i guess i have to go on line for i have a friend of 20 yrs that has been hooked on heroin for 13 yrs and he disappeared 3 wks ago i dont even know if hes dead. sadly hes losin out on a 50million dollar inheritance and my other buddy spent 2 months in the hospital after his body broke down from yrs of oxycodon he almost died. now hes workin with me at the church teaching auto mechanics and renovations to street people...bye



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