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'Icicle Earlobe'. What I Wrote From 3:15-3:25 on June 22nd

Icicle Earlobe: Not much of a listener, he is really more a brute. Loves to curl up with cheetos and overrated eighties propaganda films like 'Fast Times', which make him melt, and due to his tendency and emotional obsession with a hard exterior, he will take days to muster the mustard to return to solid state.

Cherry Casket: A pretty young dame, obsessed with death. She loves reading stories about Judy Garland and Norma Jean, people who suffered and had death looming over their whole lives. You might see her smiling at you with a very pasty exterior, if she respects you. If she does not, she'll smile at you with a rosy, opposable demeanor to insist upon her Icicle Earlobe acquaintance's maximum titillation. She hopes to die famous and before her time, so her next life as a butterfly will be extra beautiful with her prior, young and vibrant face plastered on magazines and overpriced posters and t-shirts.

Milton Caterpillar: The only creature on earth that truly recalls his reincarnation intimately, and is sure there is no trace of his prior self in existence, a banker in Ohio who people called 'Tim?'. He rightly believes as a result that one is reincarnated on one of the infinite alternate worlds. To compensate for the binds of gravity and the perpetual emotional carousel of time, the spirit flies faster than the speed of light to the next life after death.

Each one.
Has no idea.
What singular thing
They're allowed to learn
this life.

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Comment by Bobby Z on June 24, 2010 at 1:16pm
a short essay in greasy spoon americana.the soul pullin out of seats in every truck stop in americage headin for the best place........nowhere



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