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oh my darling

how i miss you when you are away

you may not know

i curl up in my thoughts

and let them whirl and twirl

pushing them out of my head

through little tear drops that

fall onto pillows and


only to make room for the

loveliest images of my darling

a face so beautiful to me

a transformative soul

so tugging at mine with excitement

stimulating words that wrap

around my humming,

gentle shivers snuffed by 

hugs so magnificent I 

tingle at just the thought

of arms so familiar wrapping me

so connectedly I could sing out and

let my voice carry up to the ceiling

and burst through the walls

oh my darling

how I miss you when you are away.


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Comment by Jacob Scott Sasaki on May 9, 2017 at 5:28am
Very powerful.



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