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I'd suggest that you take 5 attack levels

I'd suggest that you take 5 attack levels after each 10 or OSRS gold so levels from 50+ because there is no point of being a pure player with 50 attack and 99 str because you'd never hit. You can train your defense, range and prayer, mage and range if you wish. Better is better than double comparing, there is nothing better! In this regard, i suggest that you do not create a pure unless you seeking something to fill and enjoy.

Many people are creating new pures for bounty hunter 1 vs 1 but we don't know when its going to come out, could be in a few weeks(not likely at all) or within a year. Don't wait for 1 vs. 1 bounty hunters to make your own pure.

I need to find out whether this is possible. My HP level. is 47. I was wondering whether it was possible to rewind to death or just be able to take my. I also need to discover a way to buy RuneScape Mobile gold complete the following quests.

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