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Hungry Flame Activation Code [Ativador]

Hungry Flame Activation Code [Ativador]

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About This Game

Hungry flame is an action packed, vibrant game. The main goal is saving yourself from the flame that is chasing you.
You are the only one who decides which path to take. Get ready for the fast paced environment and avoid getting terminated by the flame. Use your agility to break through different obstacles. Destroy your foes and use the environment in your favor.

- Fast paced
- Numerous, interesting levels
- Different enemy types
- Unique obstacles and game mechanics
- Delightful and challenging a09c17d780

Title: Hungry Flame
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Just1337 Studio
Just1337 Publisher
Release Date: 8 Mar, 2017


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Good game. Fun and entertaining :). level 7 was broken af...
laser isnt even visable. I love the music when you play the game! plus its easy to get the achievements. This game can be challenging but i still get by! cx. I DO NOT RECOMEND.
The graphics are good, so the music.
The hitbox isnt that bad
And i already lost 2 times my save file wtf.
I dont want to do 39 levels again!!!

EDIT: after restarting the game it randomly appeared all the levels,BUG??
Also the level 50 could be hard that was medium difficulty.. The game's not bad, I just wish it told you what you could and couldn't kill by shooting. I died quite a bit due to that.

Also, the Mac version has literally nothing in its file folder. If you're on Mac only, don't bother getting this.. Giving this game a thumb up or down is a little bit tough.

Well, i would<\/i> recommend it, but it has some flaws, which almost<\/i> ruined it for me. Graphics are great, Soundtrack is awesome and gameplay is challenging, yet fun, trying to beat each level.

But the downsides are:

- Difficulty is very random. Some of the levels are too easy, but some of them are just insane.
- There is too much luck involved to get past the needle enemies. Sometimes the path is clear, but sometimes there is no way to survive it.
- Some effects are too big and too bright. They will make you nearly invisible and it's hard to see, were you are going. (Well, you could argue, that it adds to the challenge)

Big plus are the controls. You can play it with mouse, keyboard or controller and it feels very accurate. (Played it with a 360 Controller (but for some reason i couldn't select "next level" after beating one and had to switch to the mouse to select it. No idea why. Everything else is working fine.))

Overall, it's a good game, but can have some frustrating moments.<\/b>

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