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Hangry Bunnies From Mars Crack Download Pc Kickass

Hangry Bunnies From Mars Crack Download Pc Kickass

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About This Game

How long will you survive against an unrelenting horde of fluffy-wuffy alien bunnies?
Join up with the Critter Death Squad as the team's chief exterminator (who may or may not be a clone) and arm yourself to the teeth with epic weaponry designed by the team’s unhinged mad scientist, get tactical updates from a KGB pizza delivery driver, and fight to keep Earth off the dinner menu!


  • Hundreds of onscreen bunnies attacking at once!
  • Fight against fantastic toon style alien bunnies--the Fluffies, Heavies, and Scouts
  • Three unique weapons that unlock the longer you survive
  • Overclockable weapon damage output with consecutive kills
  • Powerful secondary weapons provide strategic advantages
  • Local and Global highscore boards for boisterous bunny bounty bragging!
  • Intelligent difficulty engine that will adjust to your skill level in realtime as you play
  • Three difficulty modes (Fluffy Wuffy, Hangry, Really Hangry!) for an extra challenge
  • Score multiplier gives you greater bonuses for playing on a harder difficulty
  • Make your stand in a vibrant section of New Los Angeles, all in immersive, roomscale VR!
  • Featuring an epic original score by Dave Dexter that changes dynamically as you play
  • The "Automatic Graphics Switcher" ensures that you'll always have silky smooth framerates
  • Play with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift + Touch!

A Critter Infestation of this magnitude will require some seriously heavy weaponry!

Colin, the Critter Death Squad's genius weapons engineer, has slapped together a cutting-edge modular weapon platform he calls ‘Generic Untitled Name’ or G.U.N. for short. Each G.U.N. contains within it all the different weapon types a CDS exterminator requires, all packed into one convenient, transforming package, ready to be triggered to the next stage, as soon as he gets all the bugs worked out!


You'll have access to the Pellet Pistol, a weapon powered by a two-stroke gasoline motor that fires small radioactive pellets at ridiculous speeds. Unleash a furry reckoning with the Rabbit Reaper, a love child between a car battery and an exposed DC motor that fires high velocity bolts of electricity. And then there's the Vermin Vac, a jet-turbine powered vacuum cleaner that sucks up nearby critters and stores them in its ammo tank. Connected to it is the Hare Heaver, a weapon which follows that famous saying, "If you can't beat 'em, use 'em as projectiles!" by marinading critters in a proprietary blend of degraded nuclear waste before lobbing them into the air with explosive results!


Your secondary weapons can be the difference between bunny domination and becoming bunny food! The Critter Cluster Cannon sweeps up any nearby critters and clumps them together in one big, frenzied group, and then flings them far away, which is very useful for clearing all those chomping vermin out of your personal space. Then there's the Hare Spray, which emits a sonic pheromone that scrambles the brainwaves of any nearby pests, leaving them in a disoriented (and admittedly more tranquil) state for a little while, making them easy targets for pest extermination.

Those Deadly, Fluffy-Wuffy Bunnies!

The Bunny Empire came suddenly and without warning, swarming en-masse from the Red Planet itself with the sole intention of chowing down on the human race. Experts in alien classification have categorized the Bunny Empire’s forces into three unique breeds: the deadly-in-numbers Fluffies, the slow and terrifying Heavies, and those pesky Scouts, each with their own terrifying characteristics. Recent reports have indicated at yet another type of alien bunny emerging from a black vortex which causes some nightmarish hallucinations when it gets close! Earth’s militaries have generally agreed that the best way to deal with the Bunny Empire is to run and hide.

Be the brave hero that city of New Los Angeles never knew it wanted (to keep as far away as possible)!

The Critter Death Squad has chosen to make its stand against the Bunny Empire in the vibrant city of New Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis built out in the Palm Desert after the first Los Angeles was flooded with rising seawater. Be immersed in room-scale VR as you save the city in Hangry Bunnies From Mars! b4d347fde0

Title: Hangry Bunnies From Mars
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Studio229, Hammer-On
Release Date: 23 Aug, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3570
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970 or Radeon RX470
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: If playing on a lower-end VR system, make sure to change the quality settings to a lower option if you experience the game running in "slow motion".


The game is a good old wave shooter. It is entertaining to play, but the dialog and the humor is what made it more enjoyable. The speed of ramping up the waves is nice. Very easy start to get into the grove, but soon turning in to a fun panic of killing. In the end the game was worth the $.. The game is a good old wave shooter. It is entertaining to play, but the dialog and the humor is what made it more enjoyable. The speed of ramping up the waves is nice. Very easy start to get into the grove, but soon turning in to a fun panic of killing. In the end the game was worth the $.. Another wave shooter. Enemy rabbits come at you from 3 sides while you're in a 3 way intersection. Enemies spawns continually and gradually build up. They all come straight towards you although when you shoot them they will usually bounce up in the air and when they get close they may jump around you and across you.

There's basically 3 enemy types. The bunnies (which turn dark after being shot), the big rabbit, and a strange dark mass that comes towards you quickly and will turn everything dark around you. You have two guns with different special abilities. The gun also upgrades along the way. Most of the time, you're just mindlessly shooting at enemy spawns and then using your special ability when you're overwhelmed by enemies.

Is it fun? I didn't have fun. It just felt like endless waves with little strategy involved. The graphics are good and the game ran smoothly. I think the voices used weren't particularly funny. And the music wasn't memorable to me. Game starts out very easy and the difficulty slowly ramps up. Either way, I was bored.

Rating 4\/10 only recommend for kids who want an endless wave shooter \/ cheap wave shooter

. I loved this one. Had an absolute blast playing it. I really enjoyed the two voice actors who are along for the ride. It made me pull out my New Yorker accent and get into it with em. If you're looking for mindless waveshooting fun, this is a game to try. If you're interested in seeing it in action, here's our video https:\/\/\/TFYYL2ZL16U<\/a>. Cool game. Worth $15 co... https:\/\/\/TFYYL2ZL16U<\/a>

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