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GunGirl 2 Free Download [torrent Full]

GunGirl 2 Free Download [torrent Full]

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About This Game

Main Features

Put Some G-Power In Your Weapons
GG2 offers 6 main weapons, each has a unique feel, ammunition, an alternate fire mode, a variety of unique power-ups and you can even level them up. Every time you kill enemies, they will drop small G letters. Collect them to power up your weapons to make them more and more deadly over time. But be aware! Each time an enemy hits you, you will lose a certain amount of G-Power.

Explore New Worlds
The game starts off in a small building, from which you have to escape. The more you explore, the more will the world open up. Get more and more items and power-ups that will give you the necessary abilities to reach new places. Find abandoned subway-stations to travel to far-away new places or go through portals and travel across the hellish parallel-dimension!

Power-Up Your Character
Another feature is the Power-Up system. Whenever you obtain special Power-Orbs in the game, you can use them in your status screen to upgrade ascpects, weapons or items of your character. You decide if a weapon should have more power, bigger clip size, faster fire rate etc, or if you need more protection, or better health supplies. Spend your Power-Orbs wisely to become more versatile or focus them to become a specialized killing machine.

Advanced Blood & Gore FX
When I go see a zombie movie and there are no bucketloads of blood in it, I would say “Hey mister, cool flick, but where’s the damn blood?”. To avoid such emails from angry players, GunGirl 2 offers a whole ton of high-quality blood effects to please all zombie fans!

Lots of Quests
There are several main- and sub-quests in the game. You can get them from surviving npcs or even from unholy items and they have smaller or bigger impacts on the story. They are NOT grind-quests to cheat a longer playtime! That’s a no-go

High Replayability Value
If the 4-8 hours of playtime (on normal mode) aren’t enough for your zombiekilling-desire, the game offers a total of 3 difficulty settings (from Normal to Iron Maiden), unlockable playmodes and even a secret character!

Music by Josh Whelchel
This guy is pure gold. He made some of the most memorable soundtracks for indie-games such as Bonesaw or The Spirit Engine 2 and now he has blessed this game with another awesome soundtrack :) d859598525

Title: GunGirl 2
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
BlueEagle Productions
Paul Schneider
Release Date: 7 Jun, 2010


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IN less than an hour I can honestly say this is a fun game. Is a nice game, my first impression was another old grafic style game, but the game play is good, the first time I played was more than an hour, is more than the average ***. What seems like a silly platformer at first, gets a surprising amount of depth later on.
There's so much content hiding behind the simple looking surface, lots of secrets, upgrades, weapon leveling, lots of silly little references, and a fantastic soundtrack.
Give it a try!. Unbelievably a cool game lol. fun and entertaining
. The same solid as hell game that was masterminded in 2010 is now on steam !

Traverse through a miriad of increasingly challenging locations as you try to stop the world from ending. Accompanied by an amazing soundtrack, gungirl and gundude must fight their way through whatever is left of the human race.

This game was the most solid game available for absolutely 0 bucks in 2010. As a long term follower of the dev's productions, this is by far one of the most successful releases ever and should be experienced by anyone.

Highly reccomended and i really hope this blows up enough to warrant a 3rd part :D. One of the best free games that you can get, I loved it back when I played it during 2010-2011

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