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About This Game

Gravitron 2 is a retro styled arcade gravity shooter in which you must pilot your way through some of the most devious terrains ever devised.

Key Features:

  • 40+ stages packed full of enemies and traps
  • 3D sound in a 2D enviroment
  • Online highscores
  • Configurable controls
  • Stylized neon vector graphics
  • Bucket load full of particle effects
  • Dramatic musical scores
  • 10 Achievement awards (Steam version exclusive)

Title: Gravitron 2
Genre: Indie, Casual
Dark Castle Software
Dark Castle Software
Release Date: 31 Aug, 2008


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Fun classic physics game, but really hard. However, it's appealing enough to play for a while from time to time
Lost Gem!. I've always enjoyed vector graphic style games. They just provide a classic look from those 1980s arcade games that I cherish the most. Gravitron 2 looks really promising and feels like a cross between Defender and Scramble, but the keyboard and mouse controls do not make this game friendly to play.. The reviews currently say "mixed" which is INSANE. Those of you that wrote negative reviews are worthless.

Gravitron 2 is one of the 100 best video games ever made. It delightfully merges gameplay elements from Gravitar, Tempest and Choplifter! in one amazing package. I'm seeing people complain about the controls - these people are lazy and probably trying to use a mouse. It's got Asteroids-style controls, buttons for everything. So now it's Gravitar, Tempest, Choplifter! and Asteroids.

There's more levels than anyone will probably ever play. It looks gorgeous. It has a wonderful learning curve, things blow up nicely when they blow up and it is THE best retro arcade-style game on Steam. There are some levels where you need to think a bit and some where you can just go hogwild. It also has shields and the ability to get more fuel from the environment, so now it's Gravitar, Tempest, Choplifter!, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe and Scramble. I'll tell you exactly what it is: a goddamn masterpiece.. Only 19 reviews.
Overall mixed?
This game deserves better.
It was one of the first non-valve games i owned on steam and it was a very memorable expierence.
It is very difficult but if you like lunarlanderstyle gameplay this game is really awesome.
In my opinion totally underrated, I totally recommend it if you know how to map your mouse and keyboard controls to a game pad, because then the game gets really stellar.. Gravitar is one of my favorite arcade classics, and when I searched for similar names on Steam I found this gem. The demo is short but it told me everything I needed to know and I spent the $5. Gravitron 2 is what I wanted in a more modern "Gravitar-like" game. The difficulty ramps up quickly but death isn't rage-inducing because I feel confident I can "git gudder". I'm not very far into the levels yet, and I'm sure they get crazy, but so far the game feels quite fair.

TIPS: If you have a gamepad I recommend you use that. On my Xbone controller I have A=boost, X=fire, L1=shield. It's important that you can easily boost & shield at the same time. Also start with "Standard" map pack. The default-selected map pack ("OfficialPack1") is harder.

It's a great game and the price is right. Give the free demo a try!
. Awesome game.
Only one thing : the bouncing effects, way too strong, if you happen to be hit in a corridor its becoming uncontrollable.
That doesn't make any sense...
and its very very annoying.

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