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About This Game


  • Fight against waves of increasing difficulty, randomized on each day.
  • Airborne upgrades, transform into a flying tank!
  • Compete on the daily leaderboards to become the most furious.
  • Rank up on each new day and unlock specific achievements.
  • Simple controls, you can play with one hand. Hard to master.
  • Modular destruction of the bigger ships gives you the tactical edge.
  • Ram the enemy!

How does it play?

The recommended way to play Furious Angels is with the mouse: aim, fire with the left button, thrust with the right button and hold your fire to repair. Thats it.

You can also use a more familiar twin-stick control scheme with your Gamepad OR Mouse + WASD.


Absolutely, but there's a catch: everything will reset the next day with a rank upgrade and new waves, a fresh start.

What about the upgrades?

As you shred the enemy to pieces your ship will transform and upgrade automatically. There are four upgrade stages, each with its own unique weapon. Upgrades can level up and be obtained multiple times but each time they will be harder to get. How furious will you become? 7aa9394dea

Title: Furious Angels
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 27 Feb, 2017


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A slick and small score attack shooter. Perfectly suited for short sessions; keeps me going back with its daily challenges. It looks very nice, shooting and feels proper juicy. The only downside is the music - dull and unfitting.. I really wanted to enjoy it, but I don't. I also feel pretty bad about this, because as a game it's alright: it runs, it's stable, it does what it says on the tin. But it's just not that fun.

The one gun on your ship feels anaemic and weak, and the first upgrade doesn't actually feel that noticeable in terms of your speed or the power of your weapon.

The second upgrade is the tank, which has its own problems as it's slow and it's huge so everything hits you, and by the time you've built up enough of a combo to trigger the tank upgrade there'll be a lot of enemies and projectiles to be hit by, so you don't get to enjoy the beefed-up firepower for very long. It also triggers automatically, so how useful you'll find it depends entirely on when it happens.

There's a laser upgrade I can't comment on as I've not managed to get up to that level yet, and I don't really feel compelled to try. Apart from the waves changing daily, that's all there is to the game. There are no other modes, nothing else to try out or to keep your interest after your first few rounds. It plays alright I guess, though momentum feels a little weird and it's nowhere near as responsive as it needs to be (certainly it controls nothing like Luftrausers).

I feel like if this was an Early Access title I'd definitely hold on to it, as there's a lot of potential for a good game here. But it's not an Early Access title, and what's here doesn't feel like it's enough to justify a purchase.. Even this game look like nothing but you will get addicted in no time.
For me? Everyday, I play till my arm hurt.. There's not a lot of content here, but for what it is, it does well.. I think it’s fairly obvious if you’d like this game or not from it’s description. So, I’ll elaborate on the one aspect that stuck out to me that’s different from other arcade shooters: The sound design.

Originally, I didn’t enjoy the sound design. It just felt off for the only real effect to be the soft “pop” of your own gunfire when fighting upwards of twenty aircrafts. But, as I progressed further on repeat runs, I came to appreciate this single, solitary sound. Things may go wrong, multiple ships will fill the screen, tens of missiles will lockon to you, mines will hurtle past, the Mothership will be under attack, all the while you will always “pop, pop, pop…” at each enemy with brief pauses in between, as if you’re coming up for air. This effect is even better when you get to the third stage of your ship. You now have a powerful turret which creates a sound much like rain hitting an umbrella you’re standing under. It’s a very pleasing sound.

To take this one step further, it’s important to remember what this game is: A score attack game with no end except for when you inevitably lose. And I find this inevitability is highlighted by the paired-down sound design. You don’t need deafening explosions and gunfire to warn you of danger because you already know there is danger. No matter how good of a pilot you are, no matter long you dodge missiles, you will lose. And that’s the beauty of Furious Angels and what makes it very easy to sink into, or out of, throughout the day.
. The music is great; the overall sound design is insipid and shallow. As one example, there isn't even a sound effect when you take down a giant foe... just dead silence with the music playing. Bullet hits don't have an audio cue, etc.

It feels like an extremely simple game with nice graphics.

For all the hype you might feel when you look at the game advertising materials, I didn't experience any joy or excitement whatsoever while playing. I would refund this had I not failed to try it within the refund window. I'm sad I bought this.

. Love this game very fun you can pick up and play for an hour or two from time to time
Good old arcade style and challenging. Addictive and worth coming back too when you have a few minutes. ArrRRrrrrrrghh!!! Can't stop playing!! Can't stop Dying! <>,..,<>

The game is very frustrating AND superbly satisfying at the same time. Keyboard and mouse is a must! It seems like a good game for a gamepad, but trust me.... it requires super fast mouse aiming.

Perfect music, sublime minimal graphics and tight controlls.

This is a brilliant, frustrating, beautiful game to be developed by such a small team. I curse it, love it... but mostly I admire it's streamlined, competitive brilliance. It really gets your adrenaline pumping when you know you are super rocking it... yet dancing on the very delicate edge of instant restart.

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