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Preview: So an Ex loved singing me the song Hero by: Enrique Iglesias, but he was Playa( so he wanted to think of himself) one of my friends tired of seeing me with a guy she would drop Random men off at my door who didnt speak english mainly Brazilan Men( my Fav).After like third time of her trying this I told her my home wasnt like drive by Daquiri shop and she need to come pick up the Drive By Penis.....Now that you know the history you'll better understand the remake... :) Enjoy.

Would you dance if I asked you to dance.

Would you let me kiss you if I take the chance

Would you believe every lie I'd tell to your face

As I tried to screw every hoe in the place

Can I be your drive my penis baby

I'll make sure to not treat you like a lady

I'll call s**** and cheating beeitch

Deny to last breathe I cheated although im naked not even wearing a stitch

The hickey that you see on neck is something I 'd only allow you to do

What do you mean you had a root canal it couldnt of come from you

The stratches you see on my back are from when I fell yesterday at work

You I can't contribute to bills I quit my job last week cuz my boss is jerk

Oh that girl calling at midnight asking by my middle name was wrong number

So close your eyes my naive baby slip back into your slumber

Cause I just want to be your drive by penis baby

My intentions are to vindictively drive you crazy

I dont know why you wont take me back

Just cause you found me with your friend in the sack

What am I to do when they want very best lover

You know who I am superstar undiscovered

So let me be your drive by penis baby

You heart is only tool that can save me

I am a butthole in every single way

Your mind and emotions I intend to play

So will you dance this one wild dance

Give this guy just one more chance

To be what you need in your life some drive by penis baby

Wait WTF did you just say No but your friend is cute so tell him maybe....

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Comment by Bobby Z on January 16, 2010 at 9:48pm
this is why i dont date
Comment by Melanie Hebert on January 16, 2010 at 10:27am
Thanks I think I ticked off Cupid in past life LOL...



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