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Fossil crafting has been around since Delve league. While you’re delving down from the mine you may find fossils and resonators. The fossils could be placed within the resonators, so when they are full the resonators are employed to apply to something the same way as being POE Chaos Orb or essence. Resonators may have between one and four sockets, which allows that you craft both mid-tier and very powerful items in this way. Unlike essences, fossils don’t guarantee anything. However, they may be used to block off stats you don’t want, or weight rolls towards stats one does. For example, a Pristine Fossil weighs rolls on a product towards which has a life roll, however it also guarantees how the item won't have an armor, energy shield, or evasion rating roll. By using multiple fossils at once you'll be able to Buy POE Orbs effectively block entire areas of modifiers, and guarantee certain results at some level.
There are a few extremely rare and expensive fossils that roll an item with many new modifiers that may only found from fossils. This includes Hollow Fossil, which guarantees one abyssal socket over a rare item (but it truly is added as being a modifier, which is going to be removed if the product is rolled again). Or Bloodstained Fossil, which adds many new vaal modifiers, effecting how vaal skills are widely-used. These fossils are exceedingly expensive per try, but they also can result in some on the strongest items from the game.

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