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For us, lifestyle sense as being a business

"For us, lifestyle sense as being a business, to certainly be a company, being using assets we're producing in other franchises," said Blair. The engine was built with a learning curve for the developers, he added. But simply because they use annually of experience of it, they're superior happy to take Konami's soccer franchise to next-generation consoles, presumably in 2014.
"It definitely puts us within a much better position for future versions of PES — besides on PS3, but even for PS4 and Xbox One," said Blair. "That's part within the reason why nobody is — it sounds counterintuitive, but — discussing doing [next-gen] in 2010, because we [...] wouldn't like to FIFA Coins simply just port whatever game we have for your PS3 nearly PS4."
"We need to generate a splash as we actually seriously PS4 and Xbox One"
Blair noted what sort of previous generational switch hurt many sports games because publishers did that: They took an online casino game's PlayStation 2/Xbox version and released a port pc on PS3 and Xbox 360 inside first year of each high-definition console's life. In particular, the PES franchise was forex leader in the PS2/Xbox days, nevertheless it was surpassed critically and commercially from the current console generation by its competition, Electronic Arts' FIFA series. Konami believes the upcoming next-gen changeover will offer you PES an possible opportunity to regain the superior position.
"We figured, 'You figure out what? We want for producing a splash if we actually result from PS4 and Xbox One,' along with the way to carry out that is usually to obtain it right," Blair explained. "And I don't even think — that has a once each year release similar to the present — it's with Buy FIFA Coins your ease, because you're centering on making your current-gen [version] with a similar time when your next-gen [version]."
EA is launching FIFA 14 on both current-generation and next-generation consoles this fall. But FIFA is one with all the most lucrative brands in EA's entire portfolio, but it stands to reason that as one in the world's top two third-party publishers, this provider would be willing and capable of get all hidden resources behind FIFA to discover the series to next-gen consoles at launch. And obviously, EA would tell you that this Ignite engine means this business's next-gen sports games are generally completely new, and unique with the upcoming consoles.
While Blair didn't directly reference EA or FIFA, he told Polygon that they believes in Konami's plan since it is going to result within a better game for PES fans — one that's built within the ground up for next-generation consoles.

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