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Everybody knows that Gods day is Sunday

Better got your butt out of  bed and pray

When the clock turns Twelve we all head for the door

We all know whats in store


She isnt your ordinary lifetime marathon junkie that stuff just gets in the way

Shes geared up yelling at the refree too reverse last call on the play

Shes a football fan through and through with her COWBOY hat and charm like southern TEXAN

Shes a Karoke singing queen belting out songs about PATROITS in her new boots that are REDSKIN


Shes got bold personality flashing her BILLS driving in her smooth  JAGUARS flying as smooth as a  RAVEN

Peta has on her speed dial oh how she loves,BEARS,LIONS especially DOLPHINS

Her favorite movies are RAIDERS in lost Arc,Boondock SAINTS Charlie BROWNS Pumpkin patch,Fantastic Four

While her friends RAM into mani/pedi store she getting Espn App too get the scores


She can be timid like newborn COLT,hit you with power of BRONCO  and has heart made of a pure STEELER

She likes to prance around with proudness of PANTHERS, she loves beliving in power of faith healers


She is hard worker putting in 49er weeks

She is history buff learning about CARDINALS,VIKINGS mythology of TITANS and elder ChIEFS

She dont do brunches unless they in her private JET going mile high cub mating like the EAGLE,FALCON

she usually tends to be a light PACKER

She always packs her favorite beanie babies  with BUCS,BENGALS, 

She keeps her mind focused like a SEAHAWKS

She loves drag racing espeially with purple haze CHARGERS,


She may be beauty queen from 9-5,,stay at home mom, Police officer or a teacher

She always dressed in her Sunday best when sings Hallelujah too the Preacher

When game time comes she has her jersey on beer in hand and starts to pray

She says everybody knows Gods day is Sunday know lets kick their butt start to play....

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Comment by Bobby Z on December 14, 2011 at 10:29pm

12 views that almost makes you famous in the poetry much stuff out therre but itd be nice to get richer and famouser



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