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About This Game

Jest your way from obscurity to royal acclaim as the King’s pet, beloved by all! As a talented young court fool with dreams of fame, scrabble with other young jesters to secure prestigious positions in the courts of Brenton's nobility. In a royal court humming with intrigue, keep them smiling as spies, assassins, blackmailers, ambitious nobles and a reluctant Heir wait in the wings.

Fool! is a 420,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Ben Rovik. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Dive-roll into the tightrope world of Brenton's courtly entertainers, where your jests can see you seated at the right hand of power, or set down to the gallows.

What manner of fool are you: the shrewd knave ever ready with a venomous quip? The renowned artiste at pains to stay above the political fray? The bawdy buffoon known as much for off-stage antics as on-stage mirth? Or the clever counselor whose real audience is the noble ear they whisper into? Face unruly audiences onstage and skulduggerous schemers in the wings! Can you sling keen jests and still evade the whipping-post and assassin's blade? The kingdom itself will be shaped by your choices!

  • Play as male, female, non-binary; gay, straight, bi or ace.
  • Evade tossed produce, whippings, assassins and the stocks with your wit and quick feet!
  • Battle a lifelong rival for artistic glory within a secret society of writers and gadflys!
  • Train your pet ape to master prodigious feats, or at least to stop biting you!
  • Mediate between nobles to forge compromise; or stir them up to your own advantage!
  • Partner with fellow thespians to win friends, or upstage them to win glory!
  • Balance your passion for the limelight with your passion for ...passion!

When the Master calls, you'd do well to come running—with bells on! b4d347fde0

Title: Fool!
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Choice of Games
Choice of Games
Release Date: 23 May, 2019


You would be a fool not to like this.

9.5 My monkey moo-ed to me.. Glad I picked this up!! Good pacing, diverse set of characters, choices and consequences felt real, a unique story, and the writing was well-fit for the story and insightful.. Really a well written story, voted a well deserved 9\/10 : The Origin of a Bipolar (trust me you will understand what I mean by playing the game ;) young Fool and his ascension to court Jester of the King (in few years, from his work on the family farm to the court of a Duke with fellows performers to his encounter with his chimp\/simian companion (either he will love you or hate you) to being sent to Royal Court in service to the crown and "duel" other jesters) Feel like the words used catch very well the Medieval setting also Love the dialog with really funny quips and entertaining antics by the main PC. Highly suggest to try this game.. Glad I picked this up!! Good pacing, diverse set of characters, choices and consequences felt real, a unique story, and the writing was well-fit for the story and insightful.. This was a lot of fun, and definitely worth the price for all the hours of fun and content you can get out of it. Most of the characters are interesting enough to make you care about them, and the variety of choices leaves you a lot of options, so you rarely feel like a complete failure. Hail didn't want to romance me and I died a virgin, which is a damn tragedy, but I did get the companionship of a monkey and the respect of the people and royalty alike, so I'll take it.

Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in medieval times, RPGs and\/or text-based adventure games. Also, I refuse to believe that our character finding a broken down cart wasn't a Cicero reference.. It's particularly well-written with a colorful vocabulary fitting for the time period it portrays. Two things that irked me: personality stats and the ending.

The personality stats, as is a problem with many ChoiceScript games, force you to lean towards one trait or the other if you wish to enjoy success on certain choices. For example, the game has a stat for Blood\/Melancholy. Now certain situations the game presented made me feel optimistic while others had me worry. Responding accordingly didn't feel rewarding as it seems no choices favored having balanced Blood\/Melancholy.

The ending felt a bit lackluster. Of course the game isn't so grand that it will have you slay dragons or save the world but it lacked some sort of decisive epilogue that would tell the tales and legends left behind by your character. The despite the high renown and top-rank position my Fool ended up with, the last bits of the game said little more than, "You did it! Congratulations!"

Despite those bits, I highly recommend giving it a shot. It's good fun, a quality read, decent length, and has ample branching narratives.

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