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Five Keys To Exit Activation Fix

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About This Game

A mighty sorcerer cursed your land, you are trapped inside your own home!

The terms of the Mighty Sorcerer are simple:
1. Get Five Keys
2. Talk to him
3. Cancel the curse

By playing you will unlock in-game achievements, they are good, very good for you as they give Click Power, Workers, Soldiers, Archers, Wizards..

-- What you can do in game --


1. Shop - In the shop you can buy Workers, they generate Resources per second
- Trade 10 Workers for One Soldier so you can start incursions, trade Soldier for Archer to help your army, buy powerful Wizards and rule all the Incursions.
- Increase Soldier, Archer, Wizard power by paying a small resource price.
- With Resources you can spent some to decrease the Incursion time!

2. Incursions - Explore the incursions with your army and get rewards as Resources, Workers, key..
- Incursions can get your army killed, but don't worry, it is a good place to explore.
- The Incursion time only decreases when the game is open.

The goal is to complete the achievements, get the keys and talk with the Mighty Sorcerer so you can deliver the keys and he can stop the curse.

Game Controls:
F1 Mute / Un-mute all the game sounds.
Use the left click to play

Best of luck.
Steam Trading Cards will be available once the game sells a bunch of copies, so please, help! b4d347fde0

Title: Five Keys to Exit
Genre: Casual, Indie
Victor Corradi
Corradi Games
Release Date: 1 Feb, 2018


five keys to exit. five keys to exit

It's just a bad clicker game.. It's just a bad clicker game.

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