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Final Fantasy XIV reveals its schedule for your final Fan Festival in Tokyo

A destination! A new job! Possibly another job! More about new races that may be significantly complicated recently! New areas! Awesome outfits! Yes, the FFXIV Gil fan festival series should go out that has a bang when it comes with a close near to the end of March, and you can plan ahead to become free with the big announcements starting on March 22nd together with the official fan festival schedule. It's March 23rd in Japan, naturally, but time zones are exciting.Play Final Fantasy XIVOf course, the top announcements are hoped for to come together with the keynote at 9:30 p.m. EDT, so players will probably be watching with rapt attention when that comes around. Unlike prior events, these will be in Japanese without on-stage translation, considering Buy FFXIV Gil that the attendees are expected to get... well, speaking Japanese. But there are going to be translations obtainable in an alternate channel, so no problem, you are able to follow the keynote. And if you speak Japanese, power running out worry in any respect.Source: Official Site

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