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Final Fantasy XIV prepares for one more return with the Rising

Play Final Fantasy XIVEvery year, the residents of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV gather up to believe back for the end in the world as a part of The Rising. It might sound somewhat macabre, but additionally it is an important landmark for players because anniversary celebration on FF14 Gil the game, and also this year's event offers to bring the most common moments of reliving the Calamity. It's possibly the most somber anniversary event possible.
Of course, from your purely player perspective it's chance to acquire new earrings (replicas of earrings otherwise obtainable only throughout the original version on the game), a different Orchestrion roll, and a whole new minion of fan favorite Au Ra Cirina. The game is usually celebrating Final Fantasy 14 Gil its anniversaries in Korea and China, while over in Final Fantasy XI players can spend a month which has a chance to grab the Shadowlord's sword by fighting him. Celebrating little bits of history across.Source: Official Site, PlayOnline

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