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Final Fantasy XI prepares to the new year having a new version update and also a promotional campaign

The new year methods for Final Fantasy XI, and along with it approaches another monthly update for your game. This could be the first of what promises to certainly be a year of job balance updates, beginning with making some Dancer and Dragoon abilities simpler to use. The team FF14 Gil can be adjusting Besieged objectives for Records of Eminence and naturally including new tasks within Ambuscade, the second of which happens using a monthly basis like clockwork.Meanwhile, players who play neither Dancer nor Dragoon and need any Besieged records will have things to do with all the game's selection of promotional campaigns, running from January 11th until January 31st. These include its own treasure chest for Abyssea as well as Final Fantasy 14 Gil improved light values, the development of escha silt values in Geas Fete, and buffs to chocobo digging. So everyone gets something fun to celebrate as the newest year rolls out for FFXI.Source: Version update, Geas Fete Campaign

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