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In order to get more FIFA Coin, "FIFA20" wants to win not only has a sharp attack, but also has a tight defense, and some players may not have mastered the defense in the game.

FIFA20 has also been open for two days. The gold and the zeros are almost the same as the lineup DR started to play.

1V1 defense

A very key button: L2/LT, this button can make your defensive player lower the center of gravity, will not be easily smashed out, many friends are just a simple left joystick in operation, sorry, a little play two You can't keep up with a simple disguise, and with a few easy SMs, it is estimated that your players don't know where to go, so in the case of 1V1 is the firm L2/LT+ left stick and people. Here is a key point: Remember, don't use the foot button O/B easily. Once you easily stretch your feet, you will be very embarrassed to have a probability of player card in-situ, and then start to chase it later. .

Card pass route

When many friends kicked it, it was difficult to get stuck in the other's pass line. Basically, it was a switch cursor followed by the ass. It didn't have to be. It wouldn't be a card pass line. Then I have a small trick. You can try it. Method: Control your player to find the next pre-judgment passer, then approach him and stick him, but control the player not to stand behind and get stuck in front of him, with a high probability of being stuck at the current D5 level.

The central defender is always hit by the ball.

Here are two points, the middle road ball / side road ball:

Middle road

FIFA20 pulls the back waist to defend the whole game has become a past tense, and then this defense will only be screened by people, then how to prevent it, as long as the defense in advance, remember, when the opponent striker and your guard parallel, you are too late, Switching to the guard in advance and then controlling the defender to run in front of the forward wing half, this is the most effective way I have found so far.


What should I do when the sidewalk is directly behind the guard? Sorry, big chances can't grab, go back? The opponent's forward speed is fast, so how can it be? The method is similar to the middle road. Control your players to run in front of the forward. Remember to keep your feet out. You only need to stick the forwards. Although most of the defensive AI is weakened, the single AI does not weaken. On the contrary, I think it has been strengthened, so you only need to stick to the striker.

The sidewalk is always easily cut

Here I need to point out that this is actually related to your reality kicking IQ. The sidewalk keeps in mind a principle: keep the inside line on the outside line, keep the bottom line on the inside line, and match the button L2/LT to stand up, you can easily ask for it. Some friends may ask that What should he do when he passes? So you need to control the player as close as possible to him, but not stick to him, basically he passes your position and the right player AI will automatically stretch.

Positive interception failed

Here I would like to focus on the fact that the positive interception failure is normal, the ten-seven-eight positive interception is a failure, so remember a few essentials: (1): Do not switch the cursor to the back line too fast, because this will destroy your Rear defense line formation. (2): Try to pull the midfielder back to chase, and wait until the situation is behind the fortress and then start the third big point. (3): Don't panic, have you played OL4 panic? Right, keep your mind balanced, and correct operation can effectively increase your defensive probability, so I suggest thinking about your defensive steps ahead of defense.

At the beginning of DR, I also defended the chaos, and I was thrown into a variety of laughable balls (including this still), but obviously the defensive efficiency improved, and the probability of intercepting the ball was greatly improved.

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