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FIFA 14, that's been released in September 2013, was part while using initial lineup for EA Access (along with Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25 and Peggle 2) from the event the program launched in August 2014. The soccer game usually become the initial sports game inside the EA Access FUT Coins Vault whose servers will probably be shut down, which raises an essential question for your future of EA Access: Will EA remove online games out of your service once there is ended it support for them?
EA said today the excuse is decision to delist FIFA 14 “is not going to indicate altering your our priorities while using EA Access and Origin Access Vaults, which continues being on providing a varied variety of great games to the players, with new titles added regularly.” But the removing of FIFA 14 does contradict a promise that Peter Moore, then EA’s chief operating officer, made ahead with the debut of EA Access: He pledged that “every game switches in to the Vault it stays there.”
In its July announcement, the business Sell FIFA Coins enterprise said, “We’re sad to find out any title leave this product range, and be assured that people’ll do our preferable to limit removals through the future.” It remains being seen in case your FIFA 14 delisting is certainly an unfortunate one-time backtracking of EA’s stated policy gets hot comes with the Vault, or if this could continue as EA shuts regarding the servers for other sports games on EA Access.

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