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Endless Battle For You (Internal Blood Shed)

I live this battle for you,

I fight this battle through all the shit you do,

Everybody's screaming into the night,

Gun blasts make an amazing sight,

Most run in fright,

I just stand in the light,

I didn't come this far to lose you,

I didn't fight this far to loss what was true,

I turn around,

I hear no sound,

Your on the ground,

My heart begins to pound,

Loading my gun,

Screaming to the sun,

Scream aim and fire,

My adrenaline keeping me from getting tired,

Body's carpet the forest floor,

Yours making my heart sore,

I can't stand this pain,

Driving me insane,

Turning around,

Hearing not a sound,

Internal blood shed,

Now their all dead,

I fought this battle for you,

I fought through all the shit you do,

No one's screaming tonight,

Dead and without light,

Left for Dead,

With internal blood shed...

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Comment by Bobby Z on December 23, 2011 at 10:19am

pretty cool...luckily im a new ager so i see the world as just i dont get angry or go crazy over how primitive things are on pushin 50 and i laugh at how ridiculous things are but its peoples choice if they want to evolve or not..unfortunately they hold the whole collective back...another joke...........peace and where the hell is wallaceburg



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