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Enter the world of Eco, a fully simulated 5d3b920ae0

Title: Eco
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Strange Loop Games
Strange Loop Games
Release Date: 6 Feb, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dua


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Eco is probably one game of a kind. Do not buy this game thinking you will find a Minecraft like, it is not. The many aspects that I loved playing Eco are the different deep and interesting systems and how they interact with eachother. Farming, cooking, tailoring, smelting, . each skill tree rely on one another. The community aspect is probably my favorite, you can't survive without having good interactions with your neighbours, you'll have to make some friends, maybe some won't accept you and this is ok, but at the end of the day you'll have to collaborate or face a certain defeat. Sure the game is still in development but I feel the initial goal set by StrangeLoop Games is reached and will always be. From patch to patch, i have never been disappointed.. "If people were better, the world would be better" If you aren't the very first person logged into the world when it starts, and don't play pretty much constantly, and don't have a stomach for toxic and abusive players who call slave markets 'cooperation' than you're not gonna have a good time. In terms of games, there is exactly as much cooperation to be found on the public eco servers as on any RUST or DayZ server.. It's like minecraft with gravity.. It's 3D terraria or roblox but good. Actually tho its a great game 8/10.. I've played 105hr so far. Kind of been mostly annoyed with the game, always on the look out and hoping to figure out if there's something more to it, but nope. This game is straight up mine and craft with a few things like currency and laws sprinkled in it. Really no meaningful way to interact in the game to make the game interesting so far. My main issue is: for being a multiplayer game, i have not had the need to interact with other players. You can literally play this game by yourself if you wanted to, You might not win, but also don't see the game forcing you or anyone to contribute and be part of something, kind of a fail at this point. Moreover: Economy works based on everyone having different skills and contributing their own talents and products, Right now, anybody can max their skills, and play their own game. In real world, there's a chef, carpenter, mason, butcher. etc etc. they trade goods and that's how economy develops. sell their services and etc. This game can do it, but also there's no need as anybody can do anything. People should be able to be better at cooking and open their restaurants for high quality food, that gives you more points and etc. This game has a lot of potential for growth, making things more interactive and forcing players to interact might be the way. For a multiplayer game, this feels more like a single player game only without the story. I am just really disappointed for spending 105 hours and doing same two things MINE and CRAFT.. I'd like to be able to recommend this game. The idea of the game is interesting. teach people how society, government, economy, and ecology - works, or could work. Unfortunately, the games development is now rather slow. Some features are almost a year overdue. The development roadmaps are no longer updated. The development team spend a lot of time talking about their amazing game concept rather than actually demonstrating how they are going to create their amazing game. -- Lot's of talk and little real meaningful communication has made me lose confidence that the developers can actually deliver on their promises or even have a path to do so. In terms of game play right now, some of it is solid but some of the choices throughout EA development have been questionable mistakes that are sometimes reevaluated and sometimes aren't. The developers seem like very thoughtful, pensive people, but they seem to sometimes miss the mark slightly on gameplay concepts and implementations, which can cause frustration for the societies in game. -- However, that said, if you give them a bug report they will absolutely squash that bug fast.. The Game is Great! and i bought it the very first day it came out! havent played since cause i know this kind of games being produced by a small developers team will require a massive effort to get finnished if it ever happens! but maybe we will never have it out of Early acces because people keeps asking for their refunds! wich i really find pathetic! buying an early accessgame is helping that game to get to a final phase! stop buying EARLY ACCESS games if you have no money to spare! my god im mexican and 20 bucks 4 this game is nothing that i will even consider for a refund stay the u2665u2665u2665u2665 away from this titles and early acces one unless you understand that what you are buying is not a finnished pruduct therefore you are paying a very cheap price so if you have no money to spare on EARLY ACCESS videogames please do not! you are not helping to develop the game, and if this early acces game is never to be finnished because you think they just grabbed your money and ran to the u2665u2665u2665u2665ing hills, well is just 20 dollars wich i think is more than enough for the 9 hours i played the game! thank you strange loop for dare to get us this game there are people out there who really supports such mammoth task! and those who refund well why dont you go buy 20 dollar chips or something instead of playing EARLY ACCESS videogames! im sure this guys dont need to be getting worried besides polishing your game to add accounting problems because the guy is crying for its 20 bucks. I hope if you are planning on getting this EARLY ACCESS game you will get this is a damn EARLY ACCESS and not a finnished product! and not only with this game but with all the damn EARLY ACCESS games.. the most fun you'll have at 10 fps

Update 1.9.13 : Added upgrades select for water filter. Added new building - school. Starting capital increased by 500 overall. 4-digit numbers can now be entered in trading settings. The birth of the population as a whole is accelerated by 32%. The Birth Law is now also available in orbit. The forest shader is slightly optimized. Texts updated.. Update 1.9.1 : Train capacity increased from 10 to 12. Capacity of trading shuttles increased from 15 to 18. Buildings for the lower level now opens when 7 medals are obtained, instead of 6 Modular buildings now open after 11 medals, instead of 8 Tourist buildings are now open after 15 medals, instead of 10 Upon reaching 12 medals, the pause between the disasters and the orbital orders increases by 4 days, the disaster lasts 40% longer. Added bloom post effect Top panel design changed (space reserved for new content) The Disaster Mode law now also allows you not to pay for matter Fixed a bug with a achieve "Well, you're a builder" Parameter of entertainment of entertainment buildings increased by 10-12% Parameter of education in educational institutions increased by 5-7% The parameter of medicine in the buildings of medicine is increased by 10-12% Upon reaching 15 medals, the interface of special quests appears below, and the passage of disasters no longer gives new medals. Added the first 4 special tasks for opening an orbital station (fifth quest blocked till 1.9.2 that opens orbital station) Fixed a bug with which on some cliff drones did not react on buildings at lower level. Fixed a bug where the university worked without people Theft does not happen anymore if there is no money. The splitting reactor now generates 8 instead of 5 debris from 1 unit of ore. Fixed a bug where the shuttle cliff setup resets to wrong cliff. Damage to defense buildings (except missile) is slightly increased The first wave of defense mode starts at 6 minutes later.. Update 1.2.2 : Added new triangle wind turbine Added new triangle park Big park graphic improved Street moved from population to social category Small cliffs with ponds now have larger % of fish. Personal Villa for you with personal transport.. Update 1.9.0 : We are approaching the end of game developing. Most likely, 10-step release content will be available in versions 1.9.x before leaving early access. Late stages of the game will be slightly changed, after 10 medals they can be obtained for global special tasks, but not for passing disasters as before. Weather conditions will become a common background events, and their frequency will decrease, and the duration of some - will increase. One of the complex balance changes will also be new pricing, which will directly depend on the quantity of goods in warehouses, but not statically depend on the parameters of cliffs as it is now. Also, before leaving the early access, must finish 3D people, instead of your beloved billboards. And now about the current changes: Added three new rocks (can get it when generating levels) Added button for fast levels generation in game begin, before the player builds the first building. Trading from space shuttle to orbit is now also counted in tasks.. Update 1.3.0 hotfix 2 : Keep working on 1.3 before public release. Fixed a bug with zeppelins. Unfortunately zeppelins produced / sent before the fix will not work. The damage from earthquakes has been slightly reduced Earthquake destroy bridge from 2 sides Another bug with hangars fixed, parts no longer disappear The maximum warehouse stock in capsule generators is extended Large drones without jobs no longer stay over buildings, and return to the dock station The camera no longer shakes when paused.. Update 1.9.9e : Fixed a bug in which marauders attacked the orbit (led to many terrible consequences) When attacking marauders, now there can only be one ship that can steal a warehouse. The profitability of banks, offices, market and entertainment buildings is slightly reduced. The tax is reduced by 18% (If in the initial stages it does not matter, in the later stages it is too unbalanced) Indicators and needs of medicine, entertainment, science, justice, mental state are now in numbers represented 10 times smaller. (easier to understand in the interface) also their parametrs of buildings are revised and additionally balanced.. Update 1.3.4 : Capsule generator now generates 25% more energy, and under cliffs they are created by 25% slower. Trains will not blocked with the goods, because the principle of its limit is changed, now instead of a total limit of 25 goods, there is a limit of 5 goods of each type.

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