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DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator! Offline Activation Keygen

DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator! Offline Activation Keygen

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About This Game


DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator! is Sandbox Drum Simulator that allows to build and customize your Drumkits and play them in a realistic and funny drummer experience.
Unlimited customization! From Drumkits to Sounds and Inputs Maps. Collect and manage your drumkits and play them with drumless tracks, included, or load your own track. Broadcast or record and share your drumming performance! Expand your DvDrum with new items from Workshop or share your own directly in-game!


DvDrum allows to learn to control the rhythm in very short time and learn to play drum while having fun! 20 Drumless tracks inside from easy to hard skill level to help you to learn.
DvDrum can offers both relaxing and adrenalinic gameplay experience with great satisfaction! Let's Drumming!


DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator! is the fourth version of the Drum Simulator. DvDrum 4 introduce a new audio engine with panning, pitching and 3D simulation support, a new components unlimited system that allows to build extreme drumkits with maximum freedom and MIDI Devices Inputs and USB Devices support!

DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator! is the Most Advanced Drum Simulator!


  • Created to offer the Best Virtual Drummer Experience possible!
  • 3 Keywords: High Inputs Reactivity, High Sounds Quality, Highly Customizable!
  • Over 350 High Quality Sounds and Over 890 Images!
  • Advanced Sound Managing with Pitching, Panning and other functionality support!
  • Advanced Inputs Managing and Multiple Devices Type Support with possibility to play all of them at same time!
  • MIDI Controllers Support, like Electronics and Guitar Hero / Rock Band Drums!
  • USB Devices Support, with up to 32 buttons!
  • Steam Workshop Integration for extend your simulator with new: Drumkits, Sounds and Images!
  • Steam Cloud Integration for play with your Drumkits Everywhere!
  • Metronome with Sounds and Beats Customization!
  • 20 Drumless Tracks, from Easy to Hard!
  • External Track Loader and Player!
  • Simple and Intuitive Interface!
  • And Much More!

Title: DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator!
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports
Release Date: 9 Feb, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 64bit Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 compliant graphics card
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 11.0
  • Additional Notes: Display with 1280x768 of resolution or higher


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I got this during a sale for 75% off.

Whether or not the purchaser is a DAW user, I feel is aside from the point of the value of this app.

Benefits of practicing rhythms (as a general musician) using this app I'd say would include stimulating your visual memory as well as your ears as you can watch and listen to what you play at the same time.

I don't feel it's fair to say this program is equivalent to any VST despite the quality of said vST because a VST is only offering a simulation of the aural experience which doesn't include the visual side of things.

I recommend this if it happens to be on sale at the time. The regular price of $20 feels to be much too hefty in my eyes for an app such as this unless additional features continue to be added. Again, this is just my personal opinion on the matter. Browse other reviews before making your decision if you're still uncertain.

EDIT: I would say, with the workshop functionality which I've now taken the time to experience, I'd have paid even 10$ or a bit more for this product if it was 50% off instead of 75% off. Again, it is a quite enjoyable experience and I've been using it often so full price may definitely be worth it to you. The ability to download more kits off the workshop really helps this product shine a lot more brightly.. Looking pretty good already!
Have some trouble trying to get my digital drumkit (KAT KT3) to work on it, so I hope a future update will bring midi support.
I also think the graphics could be a lot sleeker, some people might find the interface too cartoony.

I did play around on it, and the sounds are pretty good! I'd even say close to proffessional VSTI's like Superior Drummer and EZ Drummer.. im a low budget drummer.. and this is helped me to make my imagination of drumming come true... I am enjoying the "you-know-what" out of DvDrum! As a former drummer, I can say that, although I haven't a clue about the technical stuff in this simulator, I am having an absolute BLAST playing along with my favorite songs. The drum sounds awesome and I have adjusted cymbals, toms, bass drum and, yes..even the COWBELL to my liking, haha. Man, I gotta say to all the drummers out there, "Have you ever told your GF, BF, Husband, Wife or your friends that you used to be in a band and they kinda shrugged and just looked at you with hint of, 'Oh, sure you did' ?" Well, I can say that transitioning from hands and feet to using your fingers on your keyboard requires practice...the end result is well worth it. Not only are people believers now, but I am just plain having a blast playing the songs from our band's set list. The sounds are adjustable and this simulator has a whole bunch of options that I really don't understand, yet. I feel I have only scratched the surface of what can be done with this program. It has MIDI input, btw, but I pound my mechanical kb mercilessly and it is still holding on with no breaks or keys falling off. I have also purchased a cheap membrane-type keyboard and it works fine, as well. I will say that when it comes to playing exactly like a drum set, I have not worked up to keeping time on the hi-hat and cymbals 100% of the time with my fingers...but I see progress with practice. There's all kinds of programmable stuff for the professional...again, which I don't "get". I'll have to read about that stuff, sometime.

I would recommend this to my family and friends...I would even recommend DvDrum to a band whose drummer couldn't make it to the gig! 9.7\/10

EDIT: Dec 19, 217- With practice, I am able to keep time on my hi-hat key(s) while playing with drumless tracks and the sound comes through better than the original song because "I" control the drum volume and I jack up the crispness of the cymbals for a really clean, personalized version of my favorite songs. To recap, using just my fingers and my keyboard, I now play the kick bass, tom toms, snare, cymbals and hi-hat as I hear in most songs. When I initially began using DvDrum, I was hitting only the snare and kick bass as I played along with music. Proves to me that, with practice, you'll "get it" and will surely blow your expectations away.. It worked flawlessly but a bit lag. A good start for an early access, this keeps improving since I used DvDrum 2 Beta 5. Keep up!. If you like to play on drums, then DvDrum is for you. If you're even a little bit musical, you have to get this! Actually, even if you're not dvdrum gives you a potential to practise and develop a musical experience. Great sounds, easy keys set. Personlly I'm using a keyboard, so works great comfortable to play on it also i like developers working, they're making new updates almost in every-week. So 10\/10 recommended.. I think a gameplay of DvDrum is good for beginners who don't know how to play the drums and just playing with the keyboard (like me) or don't play real drums in real life. DvDrum just a simulation game, not good music editor software, you have to play it by keyboard, control Drumkit. You can build your Drumkit, also modify audio, image or photo of backgound Drumkit with his little workshop and set up your keyboard input or input controller for creating style your play. You need some skills such drum beats, tones, .... and music theory, or do not have anything, it's very hard, you need to learn how to use it and train every day like I. A detailed, DvDrum not support recording software, you need to find the recording software to record your game play. The masterpiece!
I always use this game\/application. Happy to have it in steam. Also there's a good thing as we can use Workshop :). Hi really like this the sound is great and fun to play. I know that it is still in early stages, but when i have it in full screen it freezers when i click on the get music its fine when it in small screen, also when I click on get downloads it come up with an error http:\/\/\/dvdrum-drumless-songs-1.html<\/a&...

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