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So far away,

This distance,

Through days,


I missed you tonight,

Once again tomorrow,

I hope your alright,

As I'm left in sorrow,

Am I to be forever alone,

Am I without a caring heart,

I walk alone,

This lonely road tears me apart,

You were what I believed in,

You are who I care for,

Now counting sins,

Behind a closed door,

Alone in my room,

Out the window I look,

Full moon,

Like a bedtime story book,

In hope of a happy ending,

I'm hoping for too much,

Anger bending, 

I will never again feel your soft touch...

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Comment by Bobby Z on December 23, 2011 at 10:25am

wow angst is cool and love is the only real thing.........except i havent dated in 7 yrs so i drink instead.....its so much more peaceful than stress.....but i have more than enough cool friends and sometimes i even a lil extra cash ...........but worrkin on that .....yeah.......................



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