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About This Game

Warrior! Open your Eyes!

This is the future of Gaming! Look. Before you leap. This isn't some corny collection of cardboard dungeons and dragons. It's a brilliant new vision of RPG Action Adventure. With Real-time 16 Meg 3D Scrolling like you've never seen. Plus an incredible Hero's Eye View of the danger. Through caves of fire and meadows of ice. Against brutal Demons and unforeseen evils. All the way to a showdown you'll never forget. Bring your bow, your sword, your magic and don't blink - or you're doomed! 6d5b4406ea

Title: Dragonview
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Piko Interactive LLC
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2019


This is an emulator + ROM bundle.

But it's a good way to legally have an actually half decent SNES game to play, if a little cheesy in parts. It's meant to be a sequel to the classic hardcore RPG Drakkhen (Dragon View's name in Japan being "Super Drakkhen") with a focus on a story that's a lot more action oriented than the original RPG.

It uses Mednafen which is a decent emulator. It has simple control options(supporting controllers), a "Smoothing" filter which appears to be a simple bilinear filter, and ten save state slots.

If you wanna play this in another emulator, the ROM itself is in "<game folder>\/res\/game" and is a 2MB ROM. I recommend BizHawk(you'll need to add the ".sfc" extension or it will not load), or higan(extremely accurate emulator, high sysreqs)

It's been modified to remove all the old Kemco branding - I can't quickly tell if it's been patched in any other way(such as bug fixes etc)

emulation is fast and uses a decent enough emulator
no noticeable slowdown
nice backdrop art in fullscreen
Controls are snappy and there's no noticeable input lag

Display mode is not 4:3 aspect, game looks squished horizontally.
Only one filtering option - no upscaling filters or retro feel\/CRT filters.
No option to turn off the borders in fullscreen (though they're nice, still no option to turn off)

Verdict: I recommend this, because Dragon View is a good game, and the only complaints I have are with the emulator which I feel is lacking in features a little. It's well worth the five bucks if you want a legal way to play the game(given you'd be paying upwards of a hundred bucks for an original cartridge).. In the mood for an obscure 90s SNES RPG that pretty much no one played? Dragonview might be what you're looking for. Piko's output is kind of hit and miss, but this one is a legit hidden gem that was totally overlooked at the time and worth a few bucks if you enjoy retro games.

Dragonview is a strange blend of first-person exploration and third-person hack-and-slash combat. You wander around an overworld map that's legitimately in 3D -running on the Drakkhen engine- and is pretty fun to explore, given the age of the game. Towns and dungeons are in a side-scrolling beat-em-up view a bit like Knights Of The Round, that sort of thing. The beat-em-up action is very well implemented, and handles nicely. As with most ARPGs of the time, your power increases with levels, so difficulty can be mitigated by grinding. (and it's not *that* tough) You've also got the usual assortment of Zelda-esque magical doodads which can be used to attack enemies and solve puzzles.

So, it's fun. The dungeons are well-constructed, and the difficulty level is actually pretty balanced compared to other games of the era. Although it isn't shy about brutalizing you if you wander into a high-level area you shouldn't be in. Save(scum) often!

Otherwise, you're a hero slashing his way through countless enemies to save his girlfriend and kill the bad wizard, so don't expect a plot that's terribly deep. But, it's actually better-written than some contemporaries, and NPC dialogue frequently updates, which is a nice touch. Oh, and the music is nice enough, although a bit cliched - lots of flutes and pizzicato strings.

And... that's really it. This is a 16-bit game, after all.

One might wish that there were more to this package than just a ROM+emulator but it is what it is, and what it is is a forgotten classic. If this sounds like something you might like, you probably will.

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