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About This Game

XORPLE is a combination of puzzle, action, and match games. Different shapes of random colors will attempt to collide with your center piece. You must use the buttons to match the shapes and colors as they collide with your center piece. The speed the pieces move and the rate at which they form increase as levels progress. Use multiple difficulty settings to increase speeds and adjust to your play style at anytime. With endless levels and increasing difficulty the question is what level can you reach in XORPLE?

Easy to learn but challenging game play
Endless Levels
Endlessly Increasing Difficulty
Multiple Difficulty Settings 7aa9394dea

Genre: Action, Casual
Red Dolphin Games
VT Publishing
VT Publishing Games
Release Date: 20 Feb, 2018


You get what you paid for, 5K achievements at minimum price. If you\u2019re an achievement hunter looking to increase the number of achievements on your profile showcase, then I highly recommend buying this. Else don\u2019t waste your money. This is not a game, it\u2019s just a way of distributing achievements.. Isn't that great of a game, all that you do is match the color and shape of the one that is coming at you and thats it. The ahievements are good. Besides thats don't get the game, if you are color blind then there is no way in hell you can do much in this game.

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