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Don't Starve Together: Gorge Belongings Chest Activation Code And Serial Number

Don't Starve Together: Gorge Belongings Chest Activation Code And Serial Number

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Gorge Belongings Chest
H.P. Lovecraft wrote: ‘The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability for the human mind to correlate all its contents.’ You can, however, correlate an assortment of your Don’t Starve Together in-game items with Victorian-themed skins from the Gorge Belongings Chest. Just don’t forget to feed The Gnaw.

  • Fanciful Axe
  • Fanciful Shovel
  • Goatshead Cane
  • Pot Roastbat
  • Tureen
  • Victorian Hearth
  • Victorian Ice Box

Title: Don't Starve Together: Gorge Belongings Chest
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Klei Entertainment
Klei Entertainment
Release Date: 15 Jun, 2018


Glad I could support an amazing company and team, thanks for always adding fresh content updates and events to your games. The event was super fun and hectic, and the items all are cool improvements to the original designs.

Everything came as promised and expected.. I initially had issue's with the purchase not granting items but they have been resolved. Thanks Klei for resolving the issue quickly!. I did not get the items. Why. Nice skins but both the shovel and the axe are only for the regular tools, not the golden one..
I'd be happy to change my review when Klei change that last point. Love the reskins! Would like to see a pickaxe reskin in the future! But fantastic!. I like the lil safe UwU

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