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Dev Guy Hacked

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About This Game

Being a developer for games is difficult. It's even harder when you are an indie developer. In Dev Guy, you play the roll of Warren (an independent developer) just trying t 5d3b920ae0

Title: Dev Guy
Genre: Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
Daniel Jonathan Bourke
Project tranquil
Release Date: 20 May, 2015


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copyright evasion 101. Best. Credits. Ever.. Short, fun and entertaining. If you got 15-30 minutes and don't know what to do, play this game.. Decent little distraction, the mini-games are short enough to not become too annoying (though the ponies and upload games come close) and there is a little fun satire of the indie game scene.. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS* Downloaded Dev Guy. Had a few laughs at the outside-box thinking of this game. To be absolutely honest, this wasn't as good as I expected. The game was too short and even though it had some alright jokes, there just weren't enough / most of them weren't funny for me to catch onto. It took me less than 20 minutes to complete this game (as I recall.) At first, the gameplay was ok. Like a puzzle game, you have to go around and find items to unlock other things. You play as a disgruntled games developer who wants to upload his game, but everything goes wrong for him! (> Each computer has a minigame attached to it: One about a stickman who gets 'lucky' in his dreams. (Seriously, it took me guts to put quotes around it. I'm not going into any more detail.) One about a box. One about jumping. One about ponies. And one about dating people .. However, towards the end, It contained WAY too many ponies towards the end even though the main character didn't like them. It really killed the game for me and all it tells me is that the actual developer is a Brony. (True or False, If I was one, I'd do the same in a game!) TBH, fandom completely aside, I'd rather play a game which is 'All-Ponies' or 'No-Ponies', rather than 'We'll build up the story and then put ponies in.' Then I Accidently pressed [Tab] and got all the commands for the game. 6/10. I recommend. Not One Finger Death Punch standard for an indie game, but not the absolute worst either. Best played only in short bursts (or if you completed the game flawlessly, so you can see what the game overs look like.). My Little Funny Free Game!! Its OK 7/10!!

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