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I wish you could come tuck me in

I wish I could call you my best friend

They say that we are exactly allike

I pray they are wrong but I  know they are right


With brokens wings its hard too fly

Disappointment turns into anger which causes them too cry

Its not easy too find myself in this place

I try too make amends but I can see theyve given up on me its all over their face


Mirror mirror on the wall

will I ever  learn too fly or continue too fall

I pray that I Havent burned many bridgesI hope they  realize

I seek their forgiveness but I can only  sense their despise


Will the sins of my father become the weight I havve too bare

I  wish I could trust in my families love and that theyll always be there

Daddy your still my hero even the damage youve done its hard too undo

I pray I find peace in acceptance in the face that I still love you.





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Comment by Bobby Z on December 14, 2011 at 10:21pm

wow.....i just laugh at this world now cos its such a joke .....if i took it seriously id be seriously i simply choose to replace old mental patterns with something more neutral and pleasant.....i say this cos my dads a sociopath and traumatized his kids with rage and love just hate.....and no cure for sociopath....he lost millions of dollars and thats tragic and horrribly afffected my family...only thing is that we got stronger and wiser............and now were mostly cooler than the averaqe peop[le......peace out cos i gotta start drinkin



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