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CUPID - A Free To Play Visual Novel Download For Pc [portable]

CUPID - A Free To Play Visual Novel Download For Pc [portable]

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About This Game

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT. This game contains disturbing imagery, violence, flashing images, sudden and loud noises, mature themes, and strong sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

"Love is both poison and cure, both knife and remedy."
Rosa's best friend, Catherine, is dead and she is sure Catherine's betrothed, Marquis Guilleme is to blame. Mother says so. Mother says he has to pay with his life. Although, she knows by now Guilleme is no ordinary man. He is tainted. Inhuman. A monster. He cannot be killed by usual means. To seek the best revenge, she must find out all his secrets and destroy him. But will her own dark desires consume her or liberate her?

No matter.

Mother will tell her what to do.

Set in the romantic 18th century France, play as the third person point of view character of Mother — a unique twist to the visual novel decision making medium. Decide the fate of the characters, scold or console, argue or assent... Just don’t be surprised if they start to question your commands. 6d5b4406ea

Title: CUPID - A free to play Visual Novel
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Afterthought Studios
Release Date: 4 Mar, 2016


I dunno if my friend will like this game since he's scared of psychological horror novels like Higurashi and such, but I kinda wanna play and read this to him just to mess with him a bit.. Well, this wasn't at all what I expected. The story is really, really weird. Something I never expected, and it was amazing. The story itself is so well put together and words can't really describe how I feel about it.

I originally got the 3rd ending, which is REALLY screwed up. You'll know what I mean if you get it.

If want to read something different, then this is definitely the visual novel for you, and it's free, so there's no harm in trying it. The soundtrack is great, and the way the game just throws you into some of the darker parts, in my opinion it's just really well done.. Cupid is not for the faint of heart. It's a dark, gritty, tainted look at love. It takes what we see, and throws it on itself. But is it worth a play?

Yes, absolutely.

The game is sick. And will make you feel as such, but still, I could not tear myself away.

Highly Reccomended.. When I saw that you could play this game for free, I thought it were just a silly romance novel that would keep my mind occupied for some hours and that's all I wanted really. In the end, though, this visual novel (don't expect a game, it's a novel as it clearly says in the title) actually had a deep and involving story to tell that had me enthralled and left me thinking about it hours, days and weeks later.. Cupid is easily one of the best VNs on Steam, and free to boot. The story is engrossing, with tons of surprising twists and a cast of fascinating, believable characters.. This game is sooooo weird. But it's a good weird. I have never seen a visual novel like this before. If you want something kinda trippy that will also make you think for days afterwords, give this one a shot!. This VN is easily one of my favourites. The characters are intruiging, the story \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ed me up real hard and the visuals beautiful. Plus its free so it wouldn't hurt to just check it out.. I'm really not sure how to describe my feelings about this game. I guess, at the risk of sounding like a paid "critic" from gaming mags of bygone years, I could only accurately describe "CUPID" as...compelling. It's an odd sort of feeling, playing this game. It wasn't comfortable or enjoyable in the least, but the story that unfolded was interesting enough to quell the repulsion. Fortunately I am down with the Romantic movement and all things terrible and sublime, so this unsettling feeling was right up my alley. Seeing that it has multiple endings adds a bit of longevity to an otherwise extremely short game. The question is, am I enough of a jackass to pursue them all at the expense of the poor protagonist?

All in all, a great game for those with a fascination for the emotionally grotesque.

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