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Close Your Eyes 2: The Glass Vedalia Keygen Free Download

Close Your Eyes 2: The Glass Vedalia Keygen Free Download

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About This Game

You've done unforgivable crimes, you've faced your past, and remembered things you wished you hadn't, but now it's time to decide who you really are.

You're the newest contestant on a twisted internet game show, prodded and guided by a mysterious announcer known simply as, "The Host." Challenged to save yourself, and the possibility to also save others, your safety is put on the line as you descend deeper into a deeply disturbed complex full of all sorts of traps, puzzles, life-or-death games and questionnaires. You have the opportunity to settle once and for all who you are and what you stand for. Can you overcome the various horrors you'll face and come out of this who'd you like to be? Or will you crumble and be assimilated by "THE GAME"?

At least, that's what you should be doing; focusing on the game and trying to survive. But it's hard when you have other things on your mind. Who exactly is this girl? She looks just like...

  • Deranged, multi-layered and varied horror you won't soon forget.
  • A twisted surreal atmosphere that's heightened by an original soundtrack and selective voice work to settle you into a mood.
  • Multiple branching pathways and endings based on your choices.
  • The long awaited sequel to a cult classic, continuing the narrative in a new and unexpected direction. Can be understood stand-alone, but is best enjoyed with familiarity of the first game.

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Title: Close Your Eyes 2: The Glass Vedalia
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Yai Gameworks
Yai Gameworks
Close Your Eyes
Release Date: 2019


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