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Class - Marauder Unlock Request Code Keygen

Class - Marauder Unlock Request Code Keygen

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The Marauder


Title: Class - Marauder
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Elias Viglione, Jussi Kukkonen
Panic Art Studios Ltd.
Release Date: 31 Jan, 2018


  • Additional Notes: same as base game

English,Finnish,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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OK where the heck to begin with this guy. At first yeah feels slow and bumpy but man when you get him leveled up his practically invinsible. Hes alot of fun, hes most definatly not for those who are impatiant at becoming a god, but when you do with the marauder you are untouchable. He is probably my favorite character. Yes hes worth buying. 10\/10. More Hero Siege wooohoo! Smashy time!. His basic attacks are just bad.
Low range and very slow attack speed. Make his basic attacks swirling the iron ball around him in a circle instead of throwing it in a line.
. this is the first DLC I've bought that I didn't like. This class is all-around unsatisfying to use. Seems more interesting than it actually is. The Maurader is actually a very nice class. At first i was offput by the slow attacks and lack of apparent damage but for the early game the Maurader's specials are where he shines. Your main weapon ignores ranged resistance and seems to hit multiple enemies. This class excels at gathering enemies together then destroying them from short range.

This class is certainly powerful and fun but it takes a while to really get going.. I have all the classes and snagged them all at their release dates. I would say Marauder feels a bit under-damaging but it's more of a mechanic related limitation. Still, like every other class, worth supporting the dev and keeping the game alive!. good design but his damage is trash compared to majority of other classes, game devs need to stop nerfing stuff as its not fun

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