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Cheaters Blackjack 21 Crack Game Download

Cheaters Blackjack 21 Crack Game Download

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About This Game

Casino Blackjack 21 with a TWIST!! Cheat and Play against Cheaters to Win Cash. Cheaters Blackjack updates the Classic Casino Gambling Game with Cheating, Wild West Type Showdowns, 6 Game Modes and Worldwide Internet Scoring Leaderboards.

CHEATERS BLACKJACK 21 adds the 'Cheating' twist to the classic game. Cheating steals the next card in the deck and swaps it with the worst card in your hand *IF* it improves your hand (Improve Hand/Avoid Busting). Play against Cheating CPU opponents to win match play and compare your scores to other player Worldwide!! CATCH CPU players to prevent them from cheating to gain advantage. CHEAT to Improve your hand and chances of winning BUT if the CPU players catch you cheating it could spell trouble since they can challenge you in a Old West type showdown for Cash.

Win hands to increase your Cheat Percent. Use Cheat Percent to CATCH Cheaters or CHEAT to improve your hand. Get ready to play the classic game like you've never seen it before. You know the rules, You've played the classic game, now try it with this exciting New Twist - Blackjack 21, Cheating and Wild West Showdowns - Whats not to Like? Compare your scores to players around the Globe. Good Luck!!

★ CHEAT to Steal/Swap Next Card if Better
★ CATCH CPU Players to Stop them from Cheating.
★ PLAY Multiple Seats to CHEAT Faster. (Each Win Improves Your Odds)
★ DISABLE Cheating for Normal Blackjack Play
★ Colorful HD Player/CPU/Table Graphics
★ WILD WEST Type Caught! CHEATER Showdowns
★ COMPARE Scores against Players Worldwide
★ 6 Exciting Game Modes - 6 Web LeaderBoards
★ Play Alone or with up to 4 CPU Opponents.
★ Perfect for a Quick Game or Extended Match.
★ EASY to Learn. Use Strategy to Win!!

Cheaters Blackjack 21 plays a 100% fair gambling game. There is NO computer peeking or cheating to gain advantage over the player. Each 6 deck shuffle is randomized to maintain fairness. Players also can easily DISABLE cheating mode to practice proper Blackjack gambling strategy in a simulation quality mode.

Steam Notes: Hi fellow Steamers!! Cheaters Blackjack is a program I created because I LOVE Blackjack. Its a reboot of a PC/Pocket PC app I created years ago. I made the game to play on multiple platforms (so I could enjoy it everywhere!!). All versions compete using the same scoreboards since no platform has an advantage. It can be played on PC (MAC, Linux coming soon), Mobile, Tablets and TV against the top scores of people on the other platforms. I tried to create a GUI that works equally well on all devices and think that CB21 has basically achieved the goal.

Programmed by BlackOpzFX Labs. a09c17d780

Title: Cheaters Blackjack 21
Genre: Casual, Simulation, Strategy
BlackOpzFX Labs
Release Date: 7 Jun, 2016


not different as much just 'blackjack'

maybe it's just added new feature called 'Cheat' to blackjack game.

don't waste money to this gamemaker game. *26 MB. not so funny. Great game!. not different as much just 'blackjack'

maybe it's just added new feature called 'Cheat' to blackjack game.

don't waste money to this gamemaker game. *26 MB. Great game!. not so funny

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