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Men and women alike appreciate poetry, but don't usually purchase it for themselves. I've proclaimed July to be "Buy poetry for your lover" month so they can receive books of meaningful poetry from their lovers, spouses, significant others, BFF's, close friends, family members, distant relatives, and even pen pals.

The Facebook event info is at!/event.php?eid=124479590918406 and my web page has been updated,

My latest article was recently published by Poetic Monthly Magazine. You can download the pdf (click on the "View Free PDF" icon partway down the front page of, and the column is on page 53. They have also selected two of my poems for their "Top 20" picks.

Tomorrow is Final Friday in the Wichita art district and I'll be signing books where my photography is being sold, at the Three Pea Gallery. Hopefully, there will be pleanty of photos I can share this weekend.

More to come,


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Comment by Bobby Z on June 24, 2010 at 1:34pm
i'm thinkin it would be cool to find some cool artist to do at least basic art to match your poetry. next step could be computer anime and art video to accompany...possibly smooze corporat sponsors who pay you to put on shows as long as you advertise for them.......i toured with a band that took smirnoff posters with them and we went on local radio to promote. the band leader got 3,500 bucks a night for gettin us all loaded on martinis. it was a great longe act. made some great connexions....ciao



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