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Candy Island Full Crack [PC]

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About This Game

"Candy island" is a micro strategy to eliminate the game, the game set up more than 100 hurdles, in the game, players can through three or more than three of the candy in different ways to eliminate the score.

- delicious graphics that will make you want to get more

- a simple and interesting operation

- more than 100 sweet levels.

- compete with your friends. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Candy Island
Genre: Casual, Indie
Fun Rainbow
Fun Rainbow
Release Date: 27 Nov, 2016


Candy Island is a game that is similar to Candy Crush. You match 3 or more pieces to complete a match. This game is a complete fail. The discription for the game is confusung but if you played candy crush, its like that game. Except for one huge problem, moving pieces to create a 3 or more match is difficult. When clicking on a piece you want to move, the game will go through miss failed move attempts before actually completing the players actual move. The game will sometimes put a piece in a different set then the one the player intended to put. There is also no use for the other contoller so if you plan on buying this game have one controller on. The "About This Game" description says the game is a simple and interesting operation...there is nothing simple about this when your moving machanic doesn't work. The video trailer isn't any better. It just shows how the matching 3 pieces look like.

The asking price of this game is $6.99 which isn't a resonable price when the one game machanic that is important doesn't work at all. This game should be free-$0.50. This game also gets a 1\/10 score. Players don't want to play a click till its right game. Players who bought this was hoping it to be like candy crush but better on the VR. A game they relax playing to but instead they get ticked off because the game piece movment machaic doesn't work.

Recap- discription that makes no scense, a video trailer that doesn't show actual game footage and piece moving machanic that is garbage.. Its a match 3 game like many you have played before, however its a bit more interesting because the game board is 40 ft tall. My only gripe is that I have not figured out how to purposefully move the pieces one way or another. As far as I can tell, you click on the piece you want to move and the game chooses what direction to move the piece. Overall, not bad for $6.99 if you like match 3 games.. i agree with the last review. it should not be so difficult to move the candy in the direction you want it to go and not where the game decides for you. overall better off sticking to candy crush! what a waste of $7.00 shoulda bought some real candy instead

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