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Camp Sunshine Manual Activation Unlock Code And Serial

Camp Sunshine Manual Activation Unlock Code And Serial

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About This Game

Camp Sunshine is a 16-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG that pits you as Jez, who is dropped off at Summer Camp. He awakes in the middle of the night to discover blood everywhere, a rampaging killer on the loose dressed in a mascot costume and himself involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse! It's up to you to piece together the puzzle, and relive the past of the Summer Camp Slasher in order to put a stop to this night of terror.


  • Discover and explore an entire Summer Camp.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn 16-bit graphics.
  • A deadly game of Cat & Mouse where the killer can be anywhere.
  • A fantastic story-driven narrative.
  • Unique lighting mechanics that really set the atmosphere.
  • Don't run out of batteries for your torch.
  • Find the diary pages to discover the history of Isaac Illerman.
  • Avoid the Serial Slasher, two hits and it's game over.
  • Lots of scares, spooky scenes and nods to famous franchises.
  • Devious puzzles to tax your brain box.


Title: Camp Sunshine
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Fossil Games
Fossil Games
Release Date: 28 Oct, 2016


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Awesome little game.. For three bucks (or even cheaper, if on sale), you can't beat it. It's a cute little game with an 80's slasher horror vibe (tons of little references to 80's flicks and games). It's relatively short, and the story is cliche, but I found myself playing all the way through it regardless. If you're looking for a short game with a spooky vibe to play for Halloween or something, definitely worth checking out.

The gameplay is simple: Walk around, interact with things, find items, and avoid enemies. The game is semi open-world in that you can tackle the majority of the item-collecting around the camp in whatever route you choose, however the key story moments play out in the same places.. Camp Sunshine, what a fun little retro styled experience.

The gameplay in this is nothing groundbreaking, and it's not going to "WOW" audiences; but the simple approach and lack of actual combat adds to the immersion.
The map size is considerably large and you will have to creep your way through the dark in search of clues to what happened at this once happy summer camp.
Armed with only a flashlight and limited batteries, you will uncover the mystery behind the murders, and perhaps even discover who is beind the mask/suit.
At first glance, it looks like this game was a DEMAKE of the FNAF series; but in fact it has plenty of nods to popular horror influences. My favorite being the references to Twin Peaks and The X Files.

Granted this is not the greatest game to have ever come out, but for a sale price on Steam I picked it up and managed to play through the entire game in one live stream. I consider that a worthy investment for some decent content, especially if you like indie games.

Also, games plays just fine with a KB/M with extremely easy controls although it does seem to lag/glitch out sometimes when entering/exiting doors.

Overall, I would give it a 6/10. It's a light adventure with classic horror elements and a bit of a survival aspect with an OK story with a few minor spelling errors in dialogue boxes. Not the best, but not the worst. Pick it up and decide for yourself, it's a neat little title.. I normally don't play horror games, but since it was Halloween and on sale, why not! I'll try to describe this without any spoilers (especially since this could count as survivor, too)! This was seriously setting a spine-tingling atmosphere the further you play! I was almost too scared to play it (laughs, jk)! But if you really wanted to feel the chills this game sets off, try playing it in the dark. I enjoyed the game very much! Although it was short-ish, it certainly was NOT easy at times and had puzzles that requires one to think things through and has a well-thought and creative story. Furthermore, although I totally recommend the game, I do have a list of pros and cons I'd like to share as well.

List of Pros:
-Includes Easter eggs/references!
-Simple yet challenging
-Has a mystery for you to solve in prior events
-Displays gory details and nice graphics for a 16-bit game
-Truly a horrific game that makes you want to play to see what happens next
-At times keeps you in suspense!
-Despite not having much of a soundtrack, it still displays an eerie ambience

List of Cons:
-You are an open target even if you look at your map
-The psycho tends to "spawn" EVERYWHERE, so you always need to be on your feet
-Despite having a flashlight, it doesn't help as much as you think
-It doesn't display an objectives list or tell you what to do if you get lost

But there you have it! Don't get me wrong, I seriously liked the game, but there were times I was getting frustrated and I had to think about the next thing of what to do, but over all, a great game! Even if it doesn't seem interesting, just give it a try! I enjoyed it very much and would play again...after forgetting my first playthrough! XD. I really, really, truly, thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. I've played quite a few horror games recently, just looking for the right one to get me even slightly startled. This was it. This was the game that did the trick. The story was great, the gameplay was fun and engaging, the controls were simple, nothing was overly complicated to figure out but it still required some thinking, the throwbacks to 80's horror movies was awesome, and overall, the game was just a massive hit for me. I loved the animated scenes, I loved the theme, I loved everything about this game. The voice acting was spot on and the Scene in the house with the woman calling for help was brilliantly done. 10/10, Very well voice acted and very realistic. Well thought out, well done.
I can tell that a lot of hard work and planning went into the creation of this game, and I can appreciate that. I can't wait to see what comes next!

- Crankage Games (Developer of the Comedy RPG Metal as PHU K). Just played this game to the end. It is EPIC. My advice is don't use the flashlight if you don't have to. There's a glow around you so you really don't need it. Go in and out of buildings alot and save early and often. Great game. HIGHLY Recomended.. Excellent game! The bear freaks me out!. Great game, 100% worth buying
What you learn from this game: If your baby is possessed, kill it.. quot;COME HERE KID"

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