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CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ is a supernatural mystery visual novel which is fully voiced in Japanese.
You don't need to play CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ to understand t 5d3b920ae0

Title: CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 29 Oct, 2016


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CAFE 0 The Sleeping Beast is a mystery visual novel where you play as a young maid named [INSERT NAME HERE] who has to uncover the truth behind her death over the course of 7 days (though, technically the game's really 6 days, since she always dies on the 7th day). This'll be a pretty short review, but a TL;DR is at the end for those who just want a quick answer. The gameplay is simple, but at the same time, I have mixed feelings on it. You pick choices at the start of the game that are pretty obviously telegraphed to be for developing relationships between one of the two characters, and then you make appropriate choices that allow you to become closer to the character over the course of the route. The game takes a Yoko Taro-esque route of "getting one ending, doing some parts over, and getting the next ending", but rather than it be just a select part or just an ending that hops off of another ending, you have to replay the whole game over again. Of course, the skip feature makes text you already read not much of a problem and the game isn't extremely long (I clocked in just under 5 hours), but I still found it a bit tedious. The overall plot is pretty interesting, and I had some real "wow" moments once I put the pieces together, but the gameplay mechanic of replaying the game over and over to unlock the truth + some clunky dialogue bits can really confuse the player. As example, with the first route I had finished, I had absolutely no idea what just happened, and toward the end of the game, it took a bit of repition to understand some key plot points. I could see these as points where many players might just stop playing/give up. I really advise that you push through these slumps, because I did have a fun time with the story at the end of the day. Soundtrack and all art are pretty great, and very atmospheric. The characters of the game are pretty easy to figure out just by looking at them, but they're still plenty enjoyable. If you're not a fan of the "European noble house near village" kind of setting/played one too many Fire Emblem games, however, this may feel pretty generic to you. TL;DR: Would I recommend you play this game? Yes. Would I recommend you play all of this game? As the entire plot comes together only when you've finished the true route, it's nearly mandatory you play all of the game. (To get an even fuller experience, I also recommend saving during the final set of choices of the true route.) Does this game offer a lot of content? A good amount. Not too much, but not too little. The bit of repeating dialogue can be a bit annoying, but new things are still learned in each playthrough. Is this game hard? It's rather easy to play since the choices are so obvious, but, at least for me, it was a bit tricky to wrap my head around the actual mystery of the game- the true route really helps you out here. Should I buy this game at full price? A sale would probably be your best bet. $20 feels a little much for a game of tis calliber, but half price is about right, and what I paid. I rate this game an 8/10.. A disappointment. I found the first Cafe 0 very flawed but I enjoyed the premise. I am glad I got this on sale but $10 was still too much. Before I start I will say that some will enjoy this, though I felt cheated. If you enjoy long conversations about growing feelings and building trust you may enjoy this game. I do come from a horror game background where I expect something more explosive (expecially when 'THE INCIDENT' is shoved in my face) but if that's not what matters to you it coudl work. I LOVE houses and buildings with a secret, a dark secret that must over time be discovered. How intriguing does the 'Sleeping Beast' sound? The house of Fata Morgana utterly swept me away. I will just say that the secret is not worth the huge amount of effort you must slog through to get there. Four routes to enter the true route and find the truth, and I was utterly exhausted and bored, so a poor outcome awas a major disappointment. It involved a reveal that I guessed almost immediately and not much else. Also, the 'drowned mermaid' has subltle parallels with the Little Mermaid so I was expecting a 'Beauty and the Beast' parallels. They're not there. Everything but the Cafe 0 elements are have a non supernatural explanation. This is not an otome game but you can romance one of the characters. Your character appears about 20- possible older in anime years where girls are always super youthful- and the two boys you interact with are 14. I think you are supposed to be younger, but it did make me uncomfortable. Are they supposed to be considered attractive? I am older and don't mind romancing a young man as a young woman, but there seemed to be too much of an age gap. But that is only one of the routes. The real problem is that the two boys are not very interesting. They are said to be 'opposites' but at their core they are very similar. They are closed up with few memories or experiences, largely due to age and inexperience. The conversations with them are trite philosophical or emotional exchanges- you can form a partnership, friendship, family relation, or love, and all of these are talked about but only shown a little. The interactions are echoed with flashbacks from Sophie's aunt which have the potential to be interesting, but end up lacking as well. I liked Sophie and Eva and they deserved better. The one thing I will say is that I changed my mind about the main character. I rolled my eyes at her perfect subservience but realized that was the mask of a cold woman who warmed up over time. I thought that her awakening self was done well. The drawings were lovely, the sound effects well done, and good music- this was a professional product compared to the first Cafe 0. The translation is also very good. I hope these games will stop using the 'true ending' as bait. Let the player solve the mystery at their own pace, and to their peril.. This game is not an otome game as one of its tag suggests, but there is love in the game, just in different forms. The game heavily focuses on the mystery waiting to be solved, which is the type of game roseVeRte makes. I find the plot line to be very interesting, but Im sad that we cant romance Noir. I also love that we have to complete all the endings to get the truth instead of playing a route and already knowing the truth. Also this game is kind of messed up but the true endings make up for it.. Alright, this game isn't much of a otome game but more of a VN. "Love" was only covered in one route which, I don't really mind that since I love mystery. At first, I was very confused when I first played the first 2 routes. However, once I got the gist of things after playing 3-4 routes, my suspicion of who the culprit was became much clearer. 'The sleeping beast' as I thought, was the theme I had in mind like the anime 'Monster.' Basically, it's a story that covers human nature and I had great hopes for it. Unfortunately, how the story played out was a little disappointing since "the incident" was so emphasised/dramaticised. To give credit though, the endings was pre good esp, true route 1. Overall, the story: 7/10 Character: 7.5/10 Music: 8/10 (It matched each scene and the voice acting was also very fitting) So, I'd say to give this a go if you are patient enough to go through 4 routes without much clue/hint. Give this game a go. If you're not interested with 14-15 year old kids as your main route/human nature & their psychology, this game is not for you. I bought this for sale for around $10 and I understand that with voice acting, it is quite a reasonable price. But, I'd say this storyline, the price should be reduced to around $5.Therefore I wouldn't recommend it for it's price. Anyways, if you are interested in playing the game or have purchased the game, I'd advice you playing by this order: 1) Nathan Friendship route 2) Nathan Family route 3) Ethan Partner route 4) Ethan Couple route 5) True route Side note: Here is a walkthrough of the options you need to pick to achieve each route (if you need it): P.s. I actually quite liked Ethan's personality at the beginning. But, both his endings made me annoyed so, I preferred Nathan's endings. Nathan reminded me a lil of Ciel Phantomhive, a prideful noble who is kinda a tsun/a kiddo.. I am officially in love with CAFE 0 series.I am very impress of the variety of choice leads to different tales that is being told, when I say different, it was very different! Some of the visual novels they re-use a scence after few sentece after a choice (so when i want different ending, skipping was like a fast tract) But this really got different story and path after the choice were made. It was surprising at first, but I am very pleased. The first one I played was a bit surprising, but this one i have already prepared my heart to play it. And I would say it as what I expected, or maybe I should say exceed my expectation. It was easy to play and I enjoyed the story very much. It seems that improved the voice acting, though there was a bit of awkwardness, but I am glad they had an effort to improve it. If there is another series, I would deffinitley go for it. They stories are very interesting that I am excited what stories they'll have next. I am not a good judge for arts because I bought this purley because of the story. But the BGM are actually very nice. They put alot of efforts on them. It suits the timing and I dont think there was a time I thought it was awkward.. Love Cafe 0.. Best Reseverte game. I get it right away with my first month's salary but too lazy to review until now lol (I'm finish it long time ago and review on my blog though). The new art style fit the old color way nicely. VA is good and so the story. But I really don't like the real true end. If it mix between the 1st true end it would be much better.. I love it! Such a nice story and Ethan & Nathan are just cute. I really liked to read/play it.. It's an acquired taste. It's to crack a case. It's a thrilling, smart story.

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