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Do you really want to buy poe currency at steam? Let's discuss below: 
1: POE is locked on Steam. The national zone is not necessarily on the shelves. In the Steam search box, type "Path of Exile" and you can try it. And it seems that TX will act as a proxy for this game.

2: STEAM is a genuine game platform. The biggest difference between you and the 175 and QQ platforms you play is that the games on STEAM are all genuine to buy money (except for cracking), and 175 and QQ are pirated games.

3: Therefore, you can prevent cheating by blocking the STEAM account, because the game is all paid for, so few people are willing to cheat in exchange for the game to buy money, and STEAM's own VAC2 anti-cheat system can ban cheating. So, once they are found cheating, they will never be able tojoin the game again.

4: The number of online users of STEAM is generally 1.2 million.

5: The game that STEAM can play online is about 1000. As long as the game has a networking function, it can be connected to STEAM. With STEAM, you can easily find friends who have the same fun with you, add them as friends, like QQ. Chat with them and join their games to play together.

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