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They say that blood is suppose to be thicker then water

Something is  lost in our connection we seem to only falter


Im not your little girl with pigtails who likes skipping rope

Ive fallen off my pedestal you envisioned suddenly youve lost all hope

Bridges we have burned Im not sure if we can undo

Im still your blood still your faily im still a part  of you


You speak of me with disappointment in your voice

This burden is mine my life decisions have been my choice

I know I failed your test but i never asked to be idolized

Our stubbornesss to let go is our demise


You say you love me, sometimes I feel this up for debate

The things you praise me for, are the same things youve come to hate

You compare me like checklist too yourself, someone im never gonna be

Im still your blood ,im still your family your still a part of me


I know im not your little girl with pigtails skipping rope

Im human iwith imperfections not what you envisioned prayed for or hoped

I know that we are lost at sea not sure of what to do

Im still your blood im still your family im still apart of you


They say that blood is thicker then water

Maybe one day we  will find ourselves again as become older,wiser and smarter.

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